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Fotobug - Episode 91 -Charles MacPherson & nature photography

November 17th, 2013

Join Jim, Fred and our friend, Charles MacPherson in episode 91 as wel learn how to prepare for nature workshops.  Charles discusses packing, equipment, and techniques.  Charles runs several photography workshops for nature photographers and specializes in arctic trips.  More information can be found at his website at  We recommend you sign up for Charles' newsletter!

On December 7, Jim and Fred will also join Jason Hahn at the OPW raptor workshop in north Florida.  For more information, go to  We hope you will join us!

In the news, Adobe releases another service release for Camera Raw and LIghtroom, Lytro adds 3D to their camera, and Tamron announces a 150-600 lens for Nikon, Canon and Pentax.  A news item out of Canon Korea suggests that Canon may be releasing a white bodied camera - just a rumor!

We still have some openings for our Iceland Workshop this coming March - go to for more information.

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Fotobug - Episode 75 - David C Schultz

April 7th, 2013

Welcome to podcast #75 featuring our guest, photographer David C. Schultz from Utah.  David not only leads photography workshops in Utah, he also conducts photo tours in the Arctic and Antarctica.  David shares some of his wonderful images and stories of his travels with us. You can see more of David's work and images at his website  Please so check it out!

In recent photo news, Google recently purchased Nik software and just announced previous owners of Nik plugins can now download the entire suite and if not, you can purchase the suite for only $149.95.   A photographer lost her camera of the coast of Hawaii six years ago and the camera and underwater case was recently recovered off the coast of Taiwan! Adobe has just released Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4.  Tune in to the podcast for even more news!

Finally, we just announced our new website at .  This is a new and great resource for photography related videos and training as well as blog posts from the Fotobug guys.  We recommend you subscribe to make sure you receive all the latest news and training as well as discounts and specials.  It's FREE!   We will also feature more videos and information than is practical to feature on our podcast - this is a great supplement to The Fotobug podcast, so we hope you will take advantage of it!

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Fotobug - Episode 74 - Iceland Workshop

March 24th, 2013

Jim has now returned from Iceland and presents a video of the workshop he helped organize along with Tim Vollmer. Ten photographers met Tim and Jim to see and photograph this interesting land. Hopefully after seeing the video, you will want to visit Iceland for yourself!

In the news, an octopus steals a photographer's camera. To see the video, visit our new website (still under construction!) at There are additional videos there and we have plans for a lot more, so you may wish to bookmark that page! Also dealing with the sea, can a saltwater encrusted lens be repaired by boiling it?  Well, Nikon recently did that!  Details on the current podcast!

Next time we have an interview with Artic/Antarctic photographer, David C. Schultz who is a Utah based photographer who arranges photo tours to those locations.

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Fotobug - Episode 73 - Adam Jones & Mike Mathews

March 10th, 2013

While Jim was in Iceland, Fred headed down to Naples, FL to catch up with Adam Jones and Mike Mathews at the exotic Frog workshop. Adam Jones is a Canon Explorer of Light and he and Mike Mathews have been running this workshop for several years in Missouri and this is the first time the workshop has been held in Florida. Keep an eye on Adam's website at Adam also leads a number of other workshops, so please check out his website. The workshop consists of helping people with their macro skills as well as capturing frogs, lizards, snakes, geckos, scorpions, tarantulas and many other creatures that you would have to travel to several countries to capture.

In the news, Ilford will soon be releasing a pinhole camera complete with film and negative stock, Wacom is planning to release a new tablet and more.

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Jim will return next time with details about his Iceland Northern Lights and Farewell to the Glaciers workshop.

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Fotobug - Episode 72 - Charles MacPherson

February 24th, 2013

Welcome to pocast number 72!  Although we originally planned to do a Skype interview with Mike Mathews, we decided to make a change since Fred is going to go down to Naples to attend the first day of Adam Jones' and Mike Mathews' poison dart frog workshop.  We will feature that interview along with the incredible images Fred will bring back with him on the next podcast.  For this podcast, Charles MacPherson was in town to do a birding workshop, so Jim caught up with him and did a live interview in the field.  Charles was interviewed a few episodes back regarding his polar bear workshop.  Charles also does a fall foliage workshop and light house tour.  Charles' website is - we recommend you check it out and subscribe to his newsletter!

Jim is leaving for Iceland the day this podcast first goes live and will also have some news and images of that trip on the next podcast!

In the news, award-winning photographer Steve McCurry has published the photos taken with the last roll of Kodakchrome, Dell has announced a new line of monitors that cover 99% of the AdobeRGB color gamut, and a German artist is looking to take a portrait camera on tour that takes full life size film!

Jim and Fred now have Fotobug email addresses - Jim@thefotobug,com and - drop us an email!

Finally, be sure to go out to our The Fotobug Facebook page and check out the latest specials from Hunts Photo ( exclusively for listeners of our podcast!

Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next time!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 64

November 4th, 2012

Podcast number 64 features an interview with fellow podcaster and host of the popular photography podcast This Week in Photo - Mr. Frederick Van Johnson! Frederick discusses his career path from being an Airforce photographer to marketing executive at Yahoo, then Apple, Adobe and now host of TWIP. In addition, Frederick has started a new website venture to help photographers with their own marketing issues.  The website for TWIP is and Frederick's new marketing site is  Frederick's own site is  This podcast was actually a bit unusual in that it was streamed live on Google+ and also the interview is on YouTube!

In the news, Apple releases the new iPad mini and a new iPad 4G model, Microsoft releases Windows 8 and their new Surface tablets, and Apple has released an update for Aperture.

Coming up on our next podcast is Chris Klapheke and new releases from Photokina.

Their is still a couple openings for the February Northern Lights Photoworkshop with Tim Vollmer in Iceland - - but you had better hurry!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 62

October 7th, 2012

Welcome to podcast #62 and our Black Hills Shootout special.  Fred and Jim have returned from South Dakota and feature images from the event and a few of the workshops. Turnout was great this year and Rick Sammon, the keynote speaker, remained for the entire weekend attending several of the workshops.  Be sure to plan on joining us again next year!

In the news, Sony and Hasselblad have announced a partnership to produce a newE-mount compact camera, and Sony has invested in Olympus and now owns 10% of the company.  Adobe just released Elements 11 for Photoshop and Premiere and you can pick up the pair for $149 and they just released the final versions of Adobe Camera Raw 7.2 and Lightroom 4.2.  Finally, Nikon cameras D4 and D800 are the first DSLR video cameras to pass the rigid BBC Test to be approved for European television production.

Be sure to check out the Everglades workshop in November at as well as the Northern Lights workshop to Iceland in February (still opening!), the workshop in Costa Rica in April and the Peruvian Amazon in June.

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 61

September 23rd, 2012

Welcome to podcast number 61!  Master macro photographer Mike Moats calls in and shares some of his recent photos and discusses his upcoming workshops and gives some tips for improving your macro and closeup photography.  Mike's website can be found at, so go and check out his gallery, workshops and eBook!

Jim just released the latest Fotobug eBook guide  The Fotobug's Guide to Macro Photography and you can download your free copy at  While you are there, be sure to grab the other Fotobug guides as well! 

A lot is going on in the world of photography right now with Photokina in Germany underway.  Chris Klapheke is currently in Germany at Photokina and will be reporting on the latest news in an upcoming podcast.  In the meantime, Nikon has announced a new full-frame DSLR, the D600, Canon has announced a new full-frame camera, the 6D, and Google has purchased Nik software!  Stay tuned for a lot more announcements from Photokina!

Fred and Jim will be heading to the Black Hills Shootout at the end of September in South Dakota.  Jim is giving 4 workshops, two on HDR and 2 on time-lapse in addition to the other great workshops at the event which will also feature keynote speaker, Rick Sammon!  We hope to run into some of our listeners there!  In November, there is still time to sign up for the Everglades workshop at  Also coming up, the amazing Aurora Borealis and Glaciers of Iceland with Tim Vollmer in February,  Costa Rica Critters in early April, and the incredible Amazon of Peru in early June.  All workshop information can be found at

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 59

August 26th, 2012

Welcome to Podcast #59.  This week's program features photographer Tim Vollmer who will be talking about our upcoming photo tour and workshop to Iceland in February 2013.  If you are interested in joining us on this fantastic opportunity to photograph the northern lights, go to  There are still openings.  Tim shares some of his photos with us and talks about things we will likely see and do on the workshop.  We would love to have you join us!!

In the news, Canon has issued a recall for some models of the Canon Rebel.  It seems that the handgrips on some models are turning white and causing skin irritations.  In other news, more dead birds have fallen from the sky, Olympus has announced a new digital camera, Pentax announces a new camera, and Nikon has announced a new Android based wi-fi camera.

For more workshop information -

Black Hills Shootout Workshop - Sept 28 - Sept. 30 -

Everglades, Costa Rica and more - various times -

Iceland Fire and Ice workshop -

Tim Vollmer workshops -

Be sure to check out Facebook page, and rate us on iTunes!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 58

August 12th, 2012

Welcome to Episode number 58!  Jim reviews Photorescue and highly recommends the program to recover lost files from corrupt or formatted memory cards.  A free trial can be downloaded from  The program is available for both the Mac and PC platforms.

Also, this is big cat week at the Fotobug.  A photographer in Botswana captured a sequence of images of a lioness attacking a crocodile to allow her cubs to cross a river.  In addition, Fred captured a sequence of a pair of bobcats that crossed the road at a northern Florida state park.

In the news, Canon releases firmware version 2.0 for the 7D, Triggertrap has updated the software for Triggertrap Mobile, and Canon recognizes a focus problem with their new 40mm pancake lens.

Also in this episode, Jim interviews Barbara Land, and Josias Huanaquiri.  Barbara is a professor from the University of Nevada who has been studying the culture and people of the Tahuayo region of the Amazon, and Josias is Jim's guide in the Amazon and will be our primary guide on future workshops to the Amazon. We plan on another trip next May, so keep an eye on for details.

In addition, Jim and Fred will be at the Black Hills Shootout in South Dakotak at the end of September featuring keynote speaker Rick Sammon.  Also, Jim and Tim Vollmer will be leading a workshop to Iceland in February to photograph the aurora borealis as well as the landscape and glaciers.  To join us on this workshop, go to

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