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Fotobug - Episode 74 - Iceland Workshop

March 24th, 2013

Jim has now returned from Iceland and presents a video of the workshop he helped organize along with Tim Vollmer. Ten photographers met Tim and Jim to see and photograph this interesting land. Hopefully after seeing the video, you will want to visit Iceland for yourself!

In the news, an octopus steals a photographer's camera. To see the video, visit our new website (still under construction!) at There are additional videos there and we have plans for a lot more, so you may wish to bookmark that page! Also dealing with the sea, can a saltwater encrusted lens be repaired by boiling it?  Well, Nikon recently did that!  Details on the current podcast!

Next time we have an interview with Artic/Antarctic photographer, David C. Schultz who is a Utah based photographer who arranges photo tours to those locations.

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