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Fotobug - Episode 75 - David C Schultz

April 7th, 2013

Welcome to podcast #75 featuring our guest, photographer David C. Schultz from Utah.  David not only leads photography workshops in Utah, he also conducts photo tours in the Arctic and Antarctica.  David shares some of his wonderful images and stories of his travels with us. You can see more of David's work and images at his website  Please so check it out!

In recent photo news, Google recently purchased Nik software and just announced previous owners of Nik plugins can now download the entire suite and if not, you can purchase the suite for only $149.95.   A photographer lost her camera of the coast of Hawaii six years ago and the camera and underwater case was recently recovered off the coast of Taiwan! Adobe has just released Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4.  Tune in to the podcast for even more news!

Finally, we just announced our new website at .  This is a new and great resource for photography related videos and training as well as blog posts from the Fotobug guys.  We recommend you subscribe to make sure you receive all the latest news and training as well as discounts and specials.  It's FREE!   We will also feature more videos and information than is practical to feature on our podcast - this is a great supplement to The Fotobug podcast, so we hope you will take advantage of it!

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