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Fotobug - Episode 266 - Interview Photographer Tomás Alvarez

August 2nd, 2020

Jim and Fred invite Minnesota based photographer Tomás Alvarez to the podcast.  Tomás is one of the newest instructors this year for the Black Hills Photo Shootout which will be a virtual event this year due to the pandemic. Please go and check out Tomás' website - and check out his wonderful galleries. We both recommend signing up for his BHPS workshops this year!






In recent news, Nikon has released a new camera, the Z5 and is also introducing a web cam app to allow Nikon cameras to be used as webcams.  A researcher is attaching small "bug size" cameras to beetles to get a 'bug's eye' view of the world! Associated Press is now providing all their journalists with Sony cameras. The Consumer Entertainment Show for 2021 will be a virtual event.  Watch the podcast for even more details and more news!



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