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Fotobug - Episode 259 - Jay Grammond and the Black Hills Photo Shootout!

April 26th, 2020

The safe at home continues but plans are being made for the upcoming Black Hills Photo Shoot out this coming September and the organizer, Jay Grammond will discuss it on today's podcast!

In recent news, an app to allow portrait photographers to test lighting setups is now available for free for 15 days (  Mandel Mendlowits, the founder of Adorama, passed away at the age of 76.  I'm Back returns to Kickstarter creating a digital back for analog film cameras.  Lenscoat is creating camo colored face masks for healthcare workers.  GoPro and VSCO are laying off employees but still plan to release new features this year.  Huawei was caught once again attempting to pass off DSLR images as images taken with their smartphones.  There is more news!  Check out the podcast!Grammond.jpg

 Jay Grammond will once again organize the Black Hills Photo Shootout which will take place in South Dakota this September 25-27th!  Instructors are coming back on board and as long as Covid-19 permits, the event will be held in Sturgis, South Dakota this year!  Be sure to save those dates and keep listening to the podcast and watch The Black Hills Photo Shootout and The Fotobug Facebook pages for updates.

Jim is still giving away his 24 page complete guide to macro photography which contains everything from macro lenses to focus stacking and more!  To get your FREE copy, just subscribe to The Fotobug YouTube channel and then write to and you will be sent a link to download your copy!

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