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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 6

August 9th, 2010

Discussion about upcoming Photo workshops and tours as well as regional photo seminars such as the South Dakota Shootout featuring keynote speaker, George Lepp.  Where do you want to go, write and let us know what your ideal trip would be and where you would like to go.  Upcoming workshops include South Dakota Cowboys, Into the Everglades, Costa Rica and even Mongolia! The website to register for the Black Hills Photo Shootout is BLACK HILLS PHOTO SHOOTOUT . From a listener question on removing water from a tripod, we present a video interview with photographer RJ Wiley who invented the DRY POD WADERS.  The waders slip over your tripod legs and keep the water out!  Available from The Ansel Adams negatives turned out to be taken by someone's Uncle Earl - and not Ansel, despite the six month validation and confirmation.  Jim and Fred feel vindicated for being skeptical in the last podcast. Free admission to the US National Parks on August 14 and 15th - grab your camera and hit one of the nation's fabulous national parks. Remember - 20% discount for your purchase of HDR Expose - - or enter FOTOBUG for the promo code when checking out.  Also, Float-32 will soon be available! Canon 5 year event - Canon EXPO in New York City on September 2 - 3 - use passcode EXPO3 and invitation code T3CBS to enter!  Perhaps you will get to see the Canon Wondercam discussed in the current podcast. To volunteer for the BP Oil Spill cleanup - go to Correction thanks to listener Albert Blok - http://  Also, here are a couple of articles Mr. Blok sent us on mercury in fish and the aftermath of the oil spill -

Outdoor Photo Workshops link  - Next podcast coming up - interview with Photographer, educator, Jeff Donald!

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