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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 23

April 10th, 2011

Episode 23 marks our one year anniversary and on this podcast we interview Michael Raso, the host and creator of the Film Photography Podcast!  Michael is a New Jersey based photographer and filmmaker who dug out some of his old film-based cameras a couple years ago and decided to start a podcast for people still interested in film photography.  This was a very interesting interview and one that you don't want to miss!  For instance, did you know that an independent company has cranked up one of the old Poloroid plants?  It's true, and that's not all!  Michael is giving away film and even cameras are available on their website - and they discuss cameras from the Holga all the way up to the big 8 x 10 monsters.  Highly recommended!

The podcast can be found at

Jim and Fred will also had a great time at the recent Camera Club Day event held in St. Petersburg featuring Rick Sammon.  Hopefully if you live near the St. Petersburg area you had a chance to stop in along with the other 100+ photographers and take part in the events at this wonderful event.

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