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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 13

November 21st, 2010

Street photography, Fotobug style!  Jim and Fred take to the streets at Witchstock in Palm Harbor, FL. and try out some of the Westcott/Lightenup and Shoot techniques from the recent workshop by Andy and Mikey.  Jim interviews Jeanne Murphy and Brian Lane, his instructors from the Coastal Florida Master Naturalist Program and owners of Sensing Nature, LLC - .

Jim tackles Photomatix as the next contender in the Fotobug HDR Shootout.  Results to be published on the Fotobug Facebook page!

Jim will be heading to the Everglades to help tape a PBS TV series, Wild Photo Adventures hosted by Doug Gardner - and will  feature behind the scenes footage as well as upcoming interviews with Rick Sammon, Jeff Donald, Al and Fabiola Forns and a whole lot more!  You also won't want to miss the list of Christmas stocking suggestions from Outdoor Photogear owner, Chris Klapheke.  Be sure to subscribe!  Won't cost a dime!  Don't forget to leave us feedback and be sure to join our Facebook Fan page!

If your local PBS station or Time Warner cable provider doesn't carry Wild Photo Adventures, go to to view episodes!

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