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The Fotobug Photography podcast for travel and nature photographers. Interviews, training, reviews, and more!


Jim Caldwell has over 4 decades of photography experience and currently arranges photo tours to various locations around the globe such as Peru, Costa Rica, Mongolia, Iceland, Slovenia and many others!  He is also organizing international photo workshops for Outdoor Photo Workshops (

Jim also worked for many years as a professional filmmaker shooting documentaries and TV commercials.  His skill as a motion picture cameraman will be shared on the podcast discussing HD video capabilities now available on most middle to high end cameras.  Jim created the 3D animation and new opening title sequence for the podcast.

 Fred Rodgers shares Jim's passion for photography and they have been friends for over 3 decades.  Fred is also an educator and works for the Pinellas County School system, teaching media and providing network and computer technical support. 

Fred is also a drummer and he, along with his group, The Virtualosos, created the Funky Monkey theme song for the Fotobug podcast.

Fred and Jim, the Fotobug guys, enjoy sharing their knowledge and experience on the Fotobug podcasts and would love to hear from you. 

Send your questions, comments, observations, etc. to or   We also hope you will come over and visit our Fotobug Facebook Fan page as well as our new video page at

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