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Fotobug Podcast 278 - Cape Coral’s Burrowing Owls

January 17th, 2021

2021 is finally here, the vaccine is coming (eventually!) and Fred and Jim decided to take to the road for a socially distance shutter fest.  So, they headed on down to Cape Coral, Florida to photograph the little burrowing owls.  Cape Coral has one of the densest populations of burrowing owls in the country.  Although January is not an ideal time to see and photograph them.  If you wish to try your luck (best in the Spring!), go to the main Cape Coral library to start.  There are a number of nests right next to the library.  Then begin to drive through the local neighbor hoods and look for pvc pipes and wooden T-perches that mark the nests.  Do no block the roads, approach the birds or trespass on private property!  Check out the podcast for more information!

In recent photo news, a new program called Dall-E can take a text file and recreate images!  The EU has passed a new set of drone rules to make it easier for travelers to use their drones and Sony has announced a new drone.   If you are still using Adobe Flash, as of December 31 - Adobe will no longer support and they recommend you uninstall it from your computer.

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