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Fotobug - Episode 209 - Ron Wyatt - I switched from Nikon to Sony

May 27th, 2018

Ron Wyatt is a photographer who worked professionally for Sport Illustrated, photographed two Olympic Games and has photographed the Russian Ballet.  He recently dropped his Nikon DSLRs for Sony mirrorless.  He sits down with The Fotobug to explain why!

In recent photo news, Nikon announced strong sales and restructuring are paying off and reported an 8x increase in profits despite a slight dip in revenue.  The DJI image of the Phantom Pro 5 turns out to be a custom built Phantom Pro 4Sony has announced a 3-year plan to invest $9 billion in image sensors and aims to be the top camera brand by 2021.  Skylum has teamed with Photolemur to create Skylum AI to work on AI-powered image solutions.  Finally Shutterbug is shutting down its print publication and will focus on a web-only publication. Check out the podcast for full details!




To be asked to photograph the Russian Ballet company performances is quite an honor - but Ron Wyatt discovered that the rapid fire noise from his Nikon DSLR cameras were not appreciated by the company or audience.  Searching for a solution, Sony offered to let him try their mirrorless cameras, which can be completely silent!  In this episode, Ron talks about switching from his Nikon cameras to the Sony mirrorless system. It isn't easy to change to a new camera system, and Ron discusses how he went about familiiarizing himself with the new system.

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