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Fotobug Episode 299 - 1880 Town movie

November 7th, 2021

Fred and Jim recently returned from North and South Dakota conducting workshops for The Black Hills Photo Shootout.  In South Dakota, The Fotobug guys were asked to demonstrate DSLR and mirrorless video capabilities by making a movie at 1880 Town.  We are proud to present the movie "Time Lapse" here for the first time!  We are quite proud of the finished product in view of the fact we only had 3 hours to film most of the 1880 scenes!  We want to thank all those who helped and Tony Dutoit for agreeing to act as the town sheriff.  If you would like to learn more about our production techniques, let us know!  The video is also available on The Fotobug Youtube channel at

In the news we talked about a March 2021 discounted photo trip to India from EMS Photo Tours led by Pulitzer Prize winning photographer, Essdras Suarez.  For more information go to

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