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Fotobug - Episode 265 - More Macro Tips!

July 19th, 2020

We hope everyone is staying safe!  In recent photo news, a woman recently fell off the rim of the Grand Canyon attempting to take a photo - be careful out there! Canon is about to release the R5 and R6 mirrorless cameras, although demand has been so high there is a possibility in a slight delay.  In addition, there have been some reports of over heating issues although Canon is downplaying the issues.  Kodak is selling off it's Alaris paper and chemical business to a Chinese company.  Cascable has released an app for using 100 different DSLRs as webcams - currently free, but will eventually cost $40.


Fred and Jim present more hardware for capturing macro images using lenses you already own.  There are inexpensive solutions in case you wish to get into macro photography and don't have the budget for a macro lens.

Items featured in the podcast:

Collapsible Rubber lens hood -

Extension tubes - Note - search for your camera brand - there are a number of extension tube manufacturers available

Reverse Adapter rings  Again - search for the ring to fit your model of camera and correct filter size for your lens

Macro coupler adapter ring - Once again, make sure to order to proper filter size for the two lenses you intend to use!

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