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Fotobug - Episode 148 - Frequent Photography Questions Answered

January 24th, 2016
Welcome to podcast number 148! Fred and Jim discuss recent photography new such as a new peer to peer camera gear sharing service that launched a new app for  The new Super 8mm movie camera from Kodak is no joke and the Fotobug guys have more information about this retro camera.  In addition, Polaroid has announced a new digital camera with a retro design that resembles a vintage 35mm camera.  Apple has a patent that appears  we may see  a dual-camera setup in future iPhones.  The New York Public Library has released 180,000 digitized items into the public domain.  GoPros latest 4th quarter report is less than stellar and GoPro has announced a 7% layoff in its workforce.
Jim and Fred have conducted many workshops and in this episode decide to give their opinion on several subjects that often arise.  The discussion includes UV or Skylight filters for lens protection, vests vs photo belts vs backpacks, monopods vs tripods, carbon fiber vs aluminum, full frame vs crop sensors and even more!  In addition The Fotobug guys would love to hear your experiences and opinions.  Just leave them on The Fotobug Facebook page and we will share them on the next podcast.

Coming up this April, the 2nd Annual Tampa Bay Photo Shootout - and Jim will be leading workshops to Camargue, France and back to Slovenia. 

Stay tuned for upcoming interviews with Luka Esenko on the new Snapp app for mobile devices and Tim Mannakee on the Camargue workshop in France. Stay tuned!

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