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Fotobug - Episode 139 - Apps for Photographers

September 20th, 2015

Corel has released a new brush plugin for PhotoShop called ParticleShop. It uses Corel's Painter Particle brush technology to create photo-realistic effects like smoke, dust, fabric, fire, hair, lighting and fur. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a theory for a new way to solve the issue of bright skies burning out in a landscape photograph. Tune into the  current podcast for more details!

The Fotobug guys have been wanting to do a podcast featuring their favorite Android and IOS apps for photographers Here is a short list of a few of their favorites.  Here's the list:
Perfectly Clear IOS & Android $2.99
Photographer's Ephemeris IOS & Android $8.99
Moon Phase Pro Android only $ .99
Triggertrap Mobile IOS & Android FREE - Dongle Camera Cable - $37.00
1 Weather Android Only FREE
Lightning Finder IOS & Android $5.99 annual subscription
Adobe Mix IOS & Android FREE - Adobe ID required
Adobe Photoshop Express IOS & Android FREE - Adobe CC membership recommended
Lightroom Mobile IOS & Android FREE - Adobe CC membership recommended
VSCO Cam IOS & Android FREE
GoPro App IOS & Android FREE - requires GoPro Hero 3 or 4 w/wifi
Lenstag IOS & Android FREE
We are sure that you have many suggestions, so please send them to us via our Facebook page, or email them to or  We plan to do a follow up show in the near future and would like to share your favorite apps!
Next up - our interview with Jennifer Wu!
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