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Fotobug - Episode 134 - Vanelli and Friends Cruise - Vincent Versace - Mike Moats

July 12th, 2015

Welcome to part 2 of The Fotobug coverage of the Vanelli and Friends Photo Cruise. 

In recent news, we goofed on the price of the new Sony Camera last podcast!  The price for the new Sony A7R II is $3198.  If you photograph or take videos with a UAV, take heart, if someone shoots down your craft, they could be in serious trouble! The White House has ended the ban on photography and Europe may make public photography more difficult - even illegal. GoPro has released a new camera - The Cube for $399. What is Trey Ratliff and Peake Design up to?  Stay tuned for the next podcast to find out!!


The Fotobug special guests this episode are Vincent Versace and Mike MoatsVincent is one our best known photographers and we are honored to have him appear.  We urge everyone to check out Vincent's books, website and his videos including those which appear on Kelby One.  Known for his outstanding approach to B&W digital processing, Vincent is also a outstanding portrait photographer and has photographed many of Hollywood's top stars.  Mike Moats has appeared on The Fotobug before and we are delighted to have him on again.  Check out Mike's website at to check out his tutorials and inspirational photos. 

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