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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 9

September 22nd, 2010

In Fotobug Episode 9, Jim and Fred interview storm photographer Mike Pendergast from Arizona.  Mike discusses the techniques and safety issues shooting lightning and  shows off some of his amazing photographs.  See more of Mike's photos at

In additional discussions, should RAW images be converted to DNG?  The guys also discuss hard drives for the iPad.  Also, part 4 of the discussion of the "lost" Ansel Adams negatives and the law suit by the Adam's estate. Check website at to see the images - decide for yourself!

More photo workshops coming up from Outdoor Photo Workshops including Into the Everglades November 12 -14, Trophy Texas Whitetails Oct. 29 - Nov 2 and Cowboy Winter in Wyoming Feb 10 -15-

Also - introducing the Better Bounce Card from Peter Gregg -

iPad hack to allow the attachment of a hard drive:

Commercial iPad hard drive:

2GB FAT limit on video for DSLR cameras information from Canon - Click Here

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