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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 52

May 20th, 2012

Welcome to episode 52!  This week, Jim joins Tom Snyder from the Florida International Teaching Zoo at Homosassa Springs State Park to photograph and videotape manatees.  Jim also interviews park ranger, Ken Torres who talks about the park and the zoo located at the springs.  This is a wonderful place to visit and highly recommended for photographers traveling to Florida.

In the news, Olympus releases a new Tough series camera which is shockproof and waterproof.  Leica releases a monochrome rangefinder camera.  Adobe has announced a release candidate for RAW convertor 7.1.

Coming up soon, interview with Haje Jan Kamps who will be talking about his new Triggertrap Mobile, and Gunther Wegner who will be talking about his software LRTimeLapse.  We will also be starting a series on time-lapse photography and lots more!  We will also be releasing our free guide to DSLR video within the next week.

Upcoming workshops: The Black Hills shootout in South Dakota in September, Iceland for the northern lights and glaciers in February 2013, and Costa Rica in May 2013.  More information will be available at .

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