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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 39

November 20th, 2011

Welcome to podcast number 39! Fred and Jim present their avians and aviation special - bird and air show photography. Fred travels to an airshow in south central Florida and offers tips and suggestions for capturing classic and military planes in flight. Jim and Fred also travel to a bird rehab center and talk about bird photography and the similarities (and differences) between capturing birds in flight and aircraft.

In the news, more information about the 20 years of losses and cooking the books at Olympus camera, as well as new professional video camera releases from the new Canon Cinema EOS division and Red, Inc. Both companies have released cameras that are capable of working in a professional Hollywood setting with new digital cameras. Canon has some interesting movies and behind-the-scenes footage at In addition, Canon has a firmware update for the Canon 5D Mk II and Adobe has put up Release Candidates for Camera Raw 6.6 and Lightroom 3.6.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American listeners and we will be back after the holiday with more news, reviews, interviews and how-tos!

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