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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 17

January 16th, 2011

The first Fotobug podcast of 2011 features a special guest, macro photographer, Mike Moats.  In addition to the latest news from CES, Jim and Fred present a 2010 Fotobug year in review featuring many of the outstanding photographers who have appeared on the show including Trey Ratcliff, Clyde Butcher, Tim Grey, Rick Sammon, Richard Clabaugh, Doug Gardner, David Ragin, Jeff Donald, Al and Fabiola Forns, Andy and Mikey, Chris Klapheke, RJ Wiley, James Shadle, Jason Hahn and many others.  Thanks to all the great guest and for all the viewers who have subscribed to our podcast.  We plan to continue to bring you great guests, topics and photographic training.

Our guest, Mike Moats, is a well-known macro photographer who conducts workshops around the country, has written a number of books on macro photography and writes a recommended blog for the business side of photography, and maintains a forum for macro photographers:

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Coming up next time - nature photographer Glenn Bartley!

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