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Fotobug - Episode 161 - DSLR Video tips

July 24th, 2016

Jim and Fred share tips for using the video side of your DSLR camera!

In recent news, a clever photographers attached a strobe to a drone and used it to illuminate kayakers in near darkness dropping down a 60 foot waterfall.  Parachut is a new subscription based service that allows you ro lease camera equipment for as long as you want.  The service runs 4149 a month.  Hasselblad and DJI have teamed up to create a long-range drone that will be fitted with a 50MP CMOS sensor.  Software distributor Globell has announced a new screen calibration device which is now a Kickstarter campaign.  Another crowd funded project on Indegogo is Cheeringtech, to create a lighter and smaller remote trigger for DSLRs.


If you are ignoring the video capabilities of your DSLR camera, then you are only using 1/2 of your camera!  You paid for the ability to shoot video, so why not use it!  Jim and Fred share some quick tips to help you capture great looking video that you will be proud to share on your favorite social media site.  Sometimes a video capture is better than a still capture! Don't be afraid to use your camera's video mode and be sure to watch this episode to get the best video out of your camera.

A special deal for our listeners and friends!  M&M Photo Tours have a couple open spots for a capitol tour of Europe.  Book the tour and M&M will knock $1000 of the tour price!  Go to for more information.  The tour price is all-inclusive and even includes airfare from LA.

Coming up - The Black Hills Photo Shootout in South Dakota.  See for information and registration will be opening soon!

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Fotobug - Episode 131 - Smooth Moves DSLR Video

May 31st, 2015

Thank you for tuning into podcast number 131!  In recent news, Microsoft releases its Hyperlapse algorithm as a new app to produce smooth timelapse videos.  If you like to share your images on various Internet services and are tired of uploading to each individually, there is a new service called Robots for Photos that is currently in beta - if you would like to get an invitation code, listen to the podcast for instructions!  Luka Esenko, our friend from Slovenia is coming out with an app to help you find the best location and time of day to capture optimum images.  Photographer Mary Ellen Mark has passed away at the age of 75 and Fred and Jim discuss a Fotobug connection with Mary Ellen.  Of course there is a lot more!


The theme for June is "DSLR Video" so Jim and Fred review the Atomos Ninja Star HDMI video recorder and the Revolve Camera Dolly and Track system.  Be sure to tune in all month for more features and interviews related to optimizing your video skills with your DSLR camera (or even your mirrorless camera that takes videos!).

The Hunts specials for June are as follows:

Atomos Ninja Star Pocket-Size ProRes Recorder & Deck (regular price > $295, SALE price $275)

Rode VideoMic Pro Compact Shotgun Microphone (regular price $229, > SALE price $199)

IKAN Flyweight DSLR Camera Stabilizer (regular price $417, SALE price $339)

Glide Gear SYL-3000 Camera Stabilizer
(regular price $89, SALE price $75)

Please ask for Andrea at Hunts for these Fotobug specials -. 781-662-8822

If you will be attending the June 15th Vanelli and Friends Photo Cruise - be sure to say Hi to Jim!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 53

June 4th, 2012

Welcome to podcast #53 featuring a discussion on time-lapse photography with programmer, author, and photographer Gunther Wegner.  Gunther discusses talks about his time-lapse videos (Canary Skies, Alpine Skies, and Baltic Skies - available on YouTube) and demonstrates the work flow on his program LRTimeLapse (available for Mac and PCs at  In addition, Gunther has written an ebook on time-lapse techniques also available at  Highly recommended!  Hopefully, Gunther will return to the podcast to discuss his film African Skies which he is currently working on.

In the news, photographer Andrew Kane has a bear encounter in Yellowstone National Park and the bear attacked his rented Nikon camera.  Although badly scratched the caemra still functioned, although the tripod did not fare so well.  Also, the ITA may lift the 5.4% EU tax on devices that are able to record video over 30 minutes, Adobe releases the final versions of Lightroom 4.1 and ACR 7.1, and Nikon has firmware upgrades for the D4 and the D800. Also, Aardman animation "filmed" Pirates! Band of Misfits using 50 Canon 1D MkIIIs.

Jim will be conducting a one day workshop on digital video in Bushnell Florida on Saturday, July 28 and you can register at  Also, the workshops and registration have been posted for The BlackHills Shootout for the end of September - links can also be found at   We hope to see you there!

Coming up, more techniques and information on producing time-lapse films including a "shootout" among several new time-lapse devices.  Also, Haje Jan Kamps will be returning to talk about the Triggertrap Mobile app.  Also coming up, a simple DIY camera slider for time-lapse or digital video!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 52

May 20th, 2012

Welcome to episode 52!  This week, Jim joins Tom Snyder from the Florida International Teaching Zoo at Homosassa Springs State Park to photograph and videotape manatees.  Jim also interviews park ranger, Ken Torres who talks about the park and the zoo located at the springs.  This is a wonderful place to visit and highly recommended for photographers traveling to Florida.

In the news, Olympus releases a new Tough series camera which is shockproof and waterproof.  Leica releases a monochrome rangefinder camera.  Adobe has announced a release candidate for RAW convertor 7.1.

Coming up soon, interview with Haje Jan Kamps who will be talking about his new Triggertrap Mobile, and Gunther Wegner who will be talking about his software LRTimeLapse.  We will also be starting a series on time-lapse photography and lots more!  We will also be releasing our free guide to DSLR video within the next week.

Upcoming workshops: The Black Hills shootout in South Dakota in September, Iceland for the northern lights and glaciers in February 2013, and Costa Rica in May 2013.  More information will be available at .

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 40

December 4th, 2011

Welcome to podcast number 40. In today's podcast, Jim discusses three places he visited in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday, including Lake Kissimmee State Park, Tiger Creek Preserve, and Circle B Bar Reserve. In addition, Jim and Fred invite photographer Ed Rosack onto the show to discuss his enounter with a bobcat at Circle Bar B Reserve in November - see more at

Do you know how trails are marked in most state parks and preserves? After a conversation with a park ranger, Jim realized a lot of people may not, so we will discuss how to find your way through most park trails, quickly and easily!

In the news, the Walking Dead TV series on AMC uses Canon DSLRs for some scenes, Scott Kelby criticizes Adobe for their new upgrade policy, and why are hard drive prices suddenly going through the roof?

Want to know how to effectively use the histogram to ensure you have captured the maximum amount of detail with the minimum noise level in your digital captures? Jim and Fred share some secrets to using this powerful tool.

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 39

November 20th, 2011

Welcome to podcast number 39! Fred and Jim present their avians and aviation special - bird and air show photography. Fred travels to an airshow in south central Florida and offers tips and suggestions for capturing classic and military planes in flight. Jim and Fred also travel to a bird rehab center and talk about bird photography and the similarities (and differences) between capturing birds in flight and aircraft.

In the news, more information about the 20 years of losses and cooking the books at Olympus camera, as well as new professional video camera releases from the new Canon Cinema EOS division and Red, Inc. Both companies have released cameras that are capable of working in a professional Hollywood setting with new digital cameras. Canon has some interesting movies and behind-the-scenes footage at In addition, Canon has a firmware update for the Canon 5D Mk II and Adobe has put up Release Candidates for Camera Raw 6.6 and Lightroom 3.6.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American listeners and we will be back after the holiday with more news, reviews, interviews and how-tos!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 30

July 17th, 2011

Welcome to The Fotobug's 30th podcast!  The long hot summer is finally here, so why not grab a cold drink, find a cool spot and enjoy the podcast?

In the news, this episode, Jim and Fred discuss the black macaques in Indonesia that swipe a camera from nature photographer, David Slater and take some amazing family portraits!  In addition, Fujifilm is returning to interchangable lens cameras, Ricoh buys Pentax from Hoya, Kenko-Tokina buys Cokin Filters,  and more!

Also, photographer Mike Oblinski captures amazing time-lapse video of the haboob (sandstorm) in Phoenix Arizona, so we invite Arizona storm photographer, Mike Pendergast (originally interviewed back in Episode 9), back on the show to discuss high ISO settings as well as to show off some of his latest lightning images.

For the DIY (Do It Yourself) segment, Jim shows how to create an inexpensive 'L' bracket for a DSLR and mount it to an Arca-Swiss style plate to do better panorama style images.  Total cost, under $40 which includes the arca-swiss plate!  The 'L' bracket alone can be make for under $12.  Compare to commercial versions that cost up to $180!

 Jim and Fred also answer a couple viewer questions: how can a law-enforcement agency work with US currency in Photoshop, and how much should a photograher charge a state park for a photo in their promotional brochure?

Finally, inflight video footage from the Fotobug Skycam Tricopter is shown and upcoming photo workshops for 2012 are discussed.

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 28

June 19th, 2011

Welcome to Podcast 28!  In the news, Sony announces new DSLR, and a new lens for its NEX camera as well as the Sony World Photography AwardsApple has announced details of its forthcoming IOS operating system, Pentax has released an add-on GPS, and Nikon'n latest ads with Ashton Kutcher was filmed with a Nikon DSLR!  Sigma announced the pricing of its new 120-300 f/28 lens.

In the Q&A feature, Jim and Fred discuss focusing issues for landscape photoraphy and talk about rear button focus for sports and nature.

Congratulations to the winners of the Photo Caption Contest, Brenda, Mary, Lizzie and Troy.  Thanks for entering and enjoy your prizes courtesy of Outdoor Photo Gear ( !

How do you "fix" an image photographed in a low contrast situation, such as morning fog?  Jim has a video segment to show you how!

Our guest this time is local wildlife and landscape photographer, John Sagert.  John discusses his photography including his amazing lightouse captures.  Check out John's images at .

Finally, Jim flies the Fotobug Skycam Tricopter for the first time and the Fotobug has video of the flight!

The Fotobug is also interested in introducing a new feature - a DIY PHOTO TIP.  We are looking for clever work arounds and gadgets that you may have built from commonly available materials for your photo images.  Send us your best and we will include them in the podcast as well as feature them on our Facebook Fan page!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 10

October 4th, 2010

The Fotobug guys attend the Lighten Up and Shoot workshop and interview Andy and Mikey.  This workshop is part of the Westcott 26 city tour.  Andy and Mikey are experts in street photography and have a unique approach to lighting, camera adjustments, and even the approach!  This was a wild and crazy workshop and a whole lot of fun!  We highly recommend their V-book which can be purchased at and keep an eye out for a workshop in your area!

Clyde Butcher announced a group is raising funds to repair the boardwalk at Fakahatchee Strand in the Everglades. if you would like to donate, or call 239-695-2905.

The Orlando Camera Club will be sponsoring a workshop with photographer Bryan Peterson (commercial photographer for BP, Kodak, etc. and editor of Pop Photography) on October 22-23.

Jason Hahn debuts his latest video on Wading Techniques based upon his article that appeared in the August issue of Outdoor Photography Magazine.

Trey Ratcliff has offered a discount on his latest HDR DVDs to our listeners:   HDR DVD - discount code 55BASICDVD will give you 10% OFF of the HDR DVD -Basic Edition  66PREMIUMDVD will give you 20% OFF of the HDR DVD - Premium Edition

Newsweek - photos found at garagesales, flea markets, etc. CLICK HERE

Coming up - interviews with Rick Sammon and Tim Grey and a follow-up interview with Jeff Donald.

Please Check our new Facebook page - FOTOBUG ELUSIVE IMAGE We hope you LIKE it and and will participate!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 7

August 21st, 2010

Welcome to our seventh podcast.  Fred and Jim answer questions from reader's email and discuss more photography related news, such as the recently found "Ansel Adams negatives", the Obama portrait lawsuits and more.  Also discussed, and we would like your input, should we establish a Fotobug social media page on Facebook as well as Flickr or Smugmug.  If so, which ones?  Please let us know!  We would also like to do contests and have give-away events.  We would also eventually like to seperate the training videos, interviews, etc. and have a page where you can watch high quality versions.

Please notice on the right side menu listing on the webpage, that we are now including links mentioned in the podcast as well as within the text presented here.  In addition, there is a link to our discounts and shopping sites. If you purchase from these links we receive a small gratuity from each sale which helps us keep the podcast coming!  Thank you in advance for your support!

I apologize once again to Jeff Donald who was to be featured in this episode, but we simply ran out of time and Jeff will be the very first feature on our next podcast!  Thanks for understanding!  Also coming up, an interview with storm chaser and photographer, Mike Pendergast.  In October, I will be featuring an interview with Tim Grey and Rick Sammon!  Keep listening!

Jim presents a video session on creating time-lapse videos with virtually any digital camera, easily and inexpensively.  Fred presents a review of the Seagate Dockstar and PogoPlug for sharing images and videos from your own PC.  We have a lot more planned for upcoming netcasts on DSLR videomaking, Star Trails, Kayak/Canoe photography, and more.


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