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Fotobug - Episode 254- FAA: No Drone for You!

February 16th, 2020

If you are a drone owner (or fly any RC aircraft) or if you intend to purchase one, you MUST watch this podcast.  The FAA has proposed new rules which will ground all current drones and make it nearly impossible to capture interesting photos or videos with our drones.  The FAA is taking public comments up until March 2nd, so it is very important to register your concern!!

In recent news, Yuneec has launched a 30x optical zoom drone, the E30ZSony's image sensor business has been impacted by the coronavirus outbreak which has disrupted their supply chain.  Sigma indicates it is starting over with its development of a full-frame Foveon-based camera which was first announced back in 2018.  Fujifilm will discontinue its Fujicolor film packs by the end of March.


Please check out and register your concerns about the new FAA proposed rules for UAS (drones and RC unmanned aircraft) - but you must do so before March 2nd!  If these rules go into effect, you might as well throw your drone away and that will be the end of the hobby!

To register your concern to the FAA:



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Fotobug - Episode 253- Review Dell XPS Laptop

February 3rd, 2020

Fred just picked up a new laptop and in today's episode, he will discuss the pros and cons of the new Dell XPS 15" laptop.

In recent news, Immaga Wordroom uses AI to automatically keyword Lightroom images (  Australian researches have created a new battery than can power a smartphone for up to five days. The team behind the Platypod have started a Kickstarter project for a new high-tech ball head, the PlatyballDynaLite, the photographic lighting company founded in the 1970s, has been forced to file for bankruptcy and permanently shutter its service. The US Interior Department grounds Chinese-made drones in its fleet citing ongoing security concerns.  A new UK bill would enable police to stop, search and seize drones. Parliament recently conducted a second reading of a new bill that will give UK Police the power to stop and seize drones.


Decent computers are now a part of the photographer's kit in order to process captured images.  Fred just picked up the new Dell XPS 15" laptop and discusses the attributes of this machine and why you might consider it for your next computer purchase.  The new XPS features a 4GB Nvidia graphics card, so this machine will also be useful for video production.  If you have experience or comments on the Dell laptop, please leave you comments below, or better yet, on The Fotobug YouTube channel!

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