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Fotobug - Episode 248- GoPro Hero 7 vs Hero 8

November 24th, 2019

Lots happening in the photography world! Apple has failed to overr-throw patents held by RED for compressing raw video.  The Kodak film division posts a 21% gain while the rest of Kodak posted a loss.   Adobe has showcased a prototype tool that uses AI to detect when edits have been made to a face in PhotoshopGetty has announced they are doing away with Rights-Managed licenses for photos.  By the end of November, the UK will require all drone operators to pass a pilot test and register their drones - similar to Canada.  DJI is developing an app to show drones that are flying nearby.  B&H owes New York $7 million dollars in taxes.  For more, watch the podcast!


GoPro recently released the Hero 8 so The Fotobug guys grabbed one and decided to compare it to the previous model, the Hero 7 Black!  The new Hero 8 boasts improved audio, improved video, stabilization and also has a lot of new features.  Is it really better than the Hero 7?  Well, Jim and Fred decide to find out and compare the cameras for audio recording, wind suppression, and video quality.  Check out the podcast for even more!

Next time - review of the new Chasing Dory underwater drone!

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Fotobug - Episode 247- Night Portraits

November 10th, 2019

The Fotobug guys demonstrate how to set up to take portraits at night with speedlight flash units.

In recent news, DJI has announced a new mini-drone - The Mavic Mini which weighs less than 250 grams but still has a lot to offer. Adobe announced that 7.5 million accounts were exposed although no passwords or payment details were taken. NetFlix has certified the Panasonic S1H camera as one of the cameras they will accept for film production to stream on their site. Canon has announced the EOS - 1D X MK III. Adobe has also announced that the latest version of Photoshop is now available for the iPad.  Darktable, a free open-source program that is an alternative to Lightroom has been updated. Tune into the podcast for more!


Jim and Fred demonstrate a technique to capture portraits at night in a city using a simple speedlight(s) and extended exposure for the background - night portraits!  The Fotobug guys recommend using a honeycomb grid on the flash in order to narrow the beam to prevent too much falloff of the flash to interfere with surrounding ambient lights.  They also explain how to set the flash unit in order to try to match the ambient light and how to use filters creatively on the flash.  Links to purchase the Rogue flash accessories used in the podcast are listed below.

Rogue Flash Grid system - CLICK HERE

Rogue Flash color filters - CLICK HERE

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