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Fotobug - Episode 246- Neewer Slider Timelapse settings

October 25th, 2019

Fred and check out out the Zhiying app settings for time lapse photography for the Neewer slider.  But first, recent news!

Researchers in Germany may have  a sensor with an increased dynamic range capable of HDR photography with a single capture.  Adobe has launched a redesigned version of its Creative Cloud desktop.  Canon's new sensor featured in the 90D has shown to be quite impressive. Researchers have developed a plant-powered camera and in Utah, a senator has introduced a bill to allow cities and private individuals to control the first 200 feet over their property for controlling drones.  The FAA doesn't like the idea (and neither do we!).  Check out these stories in the podcast.


The Zhiying app that controls the Neewer motorized slider doesn't come with any instructions and the timelapse settings are especially confusing.  So, Jim and Fred demonstrate a couple methods to capture timelapse videos with the app and the slider. If you have any suggestions or insights, please share them with us in the comments below!

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Fotobug - Episode 245 - BHPS 2019

October 13th, 2019

Jim and Fred just returned from the Black Hills Photo Shootout in Deadwood, South Dakota!

In recent photography news, drone make Skydio has announced a new drone, the Skydio 2 which they hope to compete with the DJI Mavic series. Also, Yuneec has released an updated drone, The Typhoon H in collaboration with Leica. GoPro just announced the new Hero 8 as well as a 2nd 360 degree camera, the GoPro Max. Chasing Dory is a new Kickstarter project for an underwater drone with 2 LED lights and an HD camera. An iPhone that fell from a small plane in Iceland 13 months ago was recovered by hikers and when recharged, it powered on and the hikers were able to find the pilot who lost it!


The ninth annual Black Hills Photo Shootout is now over and all it appears everyone had a great weekend despite the rainy cool weather Saturday morning.  Make sure to Save the Date for the tenth annual Shootout in 2020 the last weekend in September.  Special thanks to Joel Grimes for conducting the keynote address Friday night despite a bout of the flu and to Jay Grammond for organizing and running the event along with all the great instructors and all who attended. 

Coming up - how to set the Neewer slider app for timelapse!

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