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Fotobug - Episode 239 - Interview with Filmmaker Frank Cappello

July 21st, 2019

Aspiring filmmakers will love this episode!

In recent news, DJI issues a formal complaint to the BBC for negative drone coverage.  Canon decreased their profit by 40% year over year.  Flickr's custgmers are facing issues like missing photos, inability to login, and no customer support.  The Wingo Pro Kickstarter project we mentioned in the last podcast has been put on hold as GoPro has filed an intellectual property complaint.  Sigma has announced a full-frame L-mount mirrorless camera. DJI has released the Ronin-SC, a smaller version of the Ronin-S gimbal. Canon has filed a patent for a barndoor style lenscap/lenshood.  More in the podcast!


Frank Cappello is a filmmaker who wrote screenplays for Suburban Commando, American Yakuza, No Way Back, The Quiet Man, Constantine and others!  Frank just completed a new film which he wrote, directed, edited and even starred in with a tiny budget using consumer equipment!  The feature length film is now making it's way through the festival circuit.  Frank discusses the problems he encountered and entourages anyone who has ambitions to make a film to do it!  Don't let the lack of equipment stop you!  Check out more of the film Steele Wool at  .

The Black Hills Photo Shootout registration is now available - so go and pick your sessions and sign up today!




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Fotobug - Episode 238 - The New Cypress Creek Studio

July 7th, 2019

In the latest new in the world of photography, DJI has disputed the Department of Homeland Security's claim that the China-based company is collecting logs and images to send back to the Chinese Government.  Fujifilm has issued an advisory that someone is selling counterfeit rolls of film bearing the 'Fujifilm' brand name.  Polish artist Michal Karcz shared a post that 500PX has asked him to no longer post his images on their site even though they once praised his work.  They claim they are photo manipulations and not photography.  The Wingo Pro is a Kickstarter project that uses a single action camera to simulate the 'bullet time' effect as seen in the movie "The Matrix".  Finally, you can pick up the Insta360 Titan 11k 360 degree cinematic camera for a cool $15,000!


Jim and Fred pay a visit to Jason Hahn's new location for the Cypress Creek Studio - more diversity, bigger area, larger studio space and now accommodates musicians as well as photographers.  During the recent basis the studio was hosting a modeling event with 50-60 models and photographers attending.  If you are in the Tampa area we encourage you to check out the new facility - for more information and to sign up!

The Black Hills Photo Shootout is back again this year and will be in Deadwood, South Dakota.  Check out the Facebook page for information about registration.  There will be lots of new instructors, many previous instructors are returning and we recommend you save the dates for the last weekend in September!


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