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Fotobug - Episode 235 - Circle B Bar Reserve

May 26th, 2019

News Flash!  We were informed just before we began to tape the podcast that the Black Hills Photo Shootout will take place this year in Deadwood, South Dakota.  We will keep you updated as details become available - save the date, Sept. 27, 28 and 29th!

Lots of news to share! As always more details in the podcast!  Adobe Creative Cloud will no longer allow downloads more than two versions back.  Also, companies that haven't updated Creative Cloud could be facing fines or lawsuits!  DJI has released an action camera - the OsmoAdobe is looking for beta testers for Photoshop for the iPad. FAA has tightened rules for flying near airports with control towers for non-commercial pilots. Also DJI will being including ADS-B in their drones to notify pilots of nearby helicopters and airplanes.


Jim and Fred visit one of their favorite places in Florida for nature photography - Circle B Bar Reserve (4399 Winter Lake Rd, Lakeland, FL 33803) not far from Orlando and Tampa.  Lots of Florida wildlife can be found there, just bordering Lake Hancock: alligators, bobcats, herons, eagles, turtles, limpkins, moor hens, palliated woodpeckers, hawks, osprey and lots more! Great place to add to your list if you visit central Florida although, be aware that some of the trails are closed when the alligators begin to nest in late spring and early summer.  No charge to enter and plenty of parking (and hiking!).  Be sure to bring sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a hat, good walking shoes and plenty of free memory on your cards!


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Fotobug - Episode 234 - Raw vs JPG

May 12th, 2019

More photo education in today's podcast, but first recent photo news!

A drone pilot managed to capture some amazing videos of a tornado in Oklahoma that even impressed meteorologists!  DJI has partnered with RMUS to provide drone training in the US. If you are a Mac user and still use Aperture, be aware that Aperture will no longer work after upgrading the OS to Mojave. B&H circumvents online sales tax collection with it's new PayBoo credit card.  Adobe may raise the monthly fee for the Creative Cloud Photo Bundle (Photoshop and Lightroom) to $20 and include 1TB of cloud storage. DJI is introducing an Osmo action camera to compete with GoPro!


If you are still shooting JPG, then please pay attention to today's photo lesson!  RAW gives you more control over your final image and has lots of advantages over JPG and you needn't be afraid of processing the images on your computer.  There are even many free software solutions out there, so cost is not an excuse to using RAW capture.  There are more photo lessons on The Fotobug YouTube channel and we would appreciate if you would subscribe to our channel!  More goodness to come!  Please leave your thoughts or comments on RAW vs JPG capture!

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