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Fotobug - Episode 231 -How to use the Histogram

March 31st, 2019

Jim is currently traveling in New Zealand and Australia, and it has been awhile since The Fotobug presented a How-to - so for this podcast, Jim and Fred share a video from their new photography lesson series currently on The Fotobug YouTube Channel.  We hope you will check out the other videos and consider subscribing to The Fotobug Youtube channel!  


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Fotobug - Episode 230 -Western Everglades

March 17th, 2019

In recent photography news, William Optics from Taiwan has posted a Kickstarter project to make a flatfield Petzval lens which claims to be the world's sharpest 250mm lens.  Cough up $648 to get in on the campaign!  The FAA has announced that as of February 25th, all consumer drones must have the registration number posted on the outside of the drone.  Camera Rescue, a Finnish company, has preserved 46,000 analog cameras and intends to save 100,000 for future generations.  Kosmo Foto has announced the release and are taking pre-orders for a new mono 120 B&W film.


Jim recently returned from a trip to the western Florida Everglades with the Pinellas Friends of Florida Master Naturalists, which Jim is the Vice-President.  The group toured many locations which are not only off the beaten path, but are not necessarily open to the public.  If you are interested in more information about the Florida Master Naturalist program - check out the following website:

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Fotobug - Episode 229 -Photoshop Failures

March 3rd, 2019

In recent Photograph news, DJI is implementing a Geospatial Environment Online 2.0 system as a safety zone replacement for airports. ProGrade Digital has expanded beyond hardware with a digital recovery program. Three legged Thing is releasing a new L-bracket called "Ellie". A photographer found a Fujifilm digital camera that was dropped from Angels Landing in Zion National Park 4 years ago and is looking for the owner to return the SD card.  Watch the podcast for more details!


Sometimes even the digital professionals make serious errors when manipulating images with Photoshop.  Fred and Jim have found a few and share them on this episode of The Fotobug!  We hope none of our viewers make these obvious mistakes!  If you find any glaring errors in published images, please send them to us!

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