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Fotobug - Episode 220 - Western Photo Trip 2018

October 28th, 2018

In recent photography news, the FAA now has the authority to take down drones that are violating FAA rules.  That includes shooting them down.  A recent study found over 211 selfie related deaths.  Be careful out there!  A new monochrome film stock has been release in 135, 120 and 4 x 5 formats. 


Jim took his annual trip to the western states on his way to the Black Hills in South Dakota.  States he visited include Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.  He not only visited several national parks, but also state parks and even some places off the beaten path.  In addition, he shares some photo tips along the way!

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Fotobug - Episode 219 - Highlights Black Hills Photo Meetup

October 14th, 2018

Fred and Jim just returned from the Black Hills and shares highlights of the event!

In recent news, Just two weeks after Nikon introduced its Z-system, Canon has joined the full-frame mirrorless club with its new RF-mount system.  DJI has been authorized by the FAA to allow 107 pilots to apply online and gain near instant approval to fly within 5 miles of nearly 500 airports. Phottix has launched a new operating system for its portable flash systems that it says automatically switches between different manufacturer’s TTL systems. Sigma has said it will create a full-frame Foveon camera and will adopt the Leica L mount for its system. 'I'm Back' is now available on Kickstarter for a range of old film-SLRs, such as Nikon's F-Series, the Olympus OM10 or the Canon AE-1 and works by capturing the image projected onto a focus screen using a 1/2.33"-type 16MP Panasonic image sensor.  Nikon will cease offering Brazil-based customer service and technical support.  All this and more details in the podcast!


What a surprise at the number of photographers who showed up in the Black Hills despite the cancellation of the Shootout this year!  Jim and Fred especially want to thank Mike Wolforth, Mark Nelson and family, Tony Dutoit, Robert Yellowhawk, Mandy Whaley, Steve Thompson and all the photographers who showed up and helped out!  Nicole, get well soon!  We were also sad that Bill Fortney was unable to make it to any of the events due to one of his group became ill, but Bill has promised to do an interview on a future podcast!

Next time, Jim will present a highlights of his western trip! Please subscribe the The Fotobug YouTube channel for even more!!

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