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Fotobug - Episode 168 - White Sands New Mexico

October 30th, 2016

Welcome to podcast 168 of The Fotobug!  In recent news, Google will be shutting down Panoramio, its website for sharing photos of the world on November 4th. One of Ansel Adam's view cameras will be auctioned off and is expected to bring in $100,000!  BenQ has announced a new high dynamic monitor at PhotoPlus Expo.  Also, the winners of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer of the year and the Landscape Photographer of the year have been announced.  A Swedish court recently ruled that any drone carrying a camera is a surveillance device and must have a license.  A British company is selling a $21,800 DJI Phantom 4 that is gold plated.


Jim just returned from a 4 week trip to the American West before attending the Black Hills Photo shootout and shares some images, timelapse and videos of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.  White Sands is located near the testing ground for the first atomic bomb test - Trinity.  Highly recommended if you visit New Mexico!

Jim is about to travel to Cuba and so next time, The Fotobug will feature Saguaro National Park in Arizona and an interview with our old friend, Mike Pendergast - Sparky!

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Fotobug - Episode 167 - Highlights 2016 Black Hills Photo Shootout

October 16th, 2016

Jim and Fred have returned from the Black Hills Photo Shootout and Jim from his extended trip to western National and several state parks.  More to come on these parks in future episodes.  In the news, Epson has announced a partnership with UAV maker, DJI in order to allow the use of Epson's Moverico Augmented Reality glassesShutterstock now has a plugin for Photoshop to import images directly.  Getty responded to the $1 billion dollar lawsuit against it claiming the images are in the public domain and are no longer controlled by the photographer. Fujifilm is introducing a medium format digital camera. GoPro finally released the Karma drone, but has been upstaged by DJI's new Magik portable drone.  GoPro has also released the new Hero 5 action camera.  Flickr Marketplace is being shut down over a lack of sales.


Jim and Fred did a live Facebook from South Dakota and present a short reel of some of the highlights from the 2016 Shootout.  This year there were two extended workshops, one before the Shootout in Custer State Park of the Bison Roundiup and a few after at Teddy Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota.  We hope to see many of you at next year's Shootout as well as the 2017 Tampa Bay Photo Shootout which will be taking place in the early spring.  A big shout out to many of our fans and viewers as well as the sponsors, workshop leaders, volunteers, and all who attended the many workshops.  Jim and Fred also feature an interview with workshop leader, author and photographer, Dick Kettlewell!

Jim will be featuring video from many of the national parks he visited in future podcasts as well as reviews of the new Pulse from Alpine Labs, the Rollocam, and lots more - so be sure to stay tuned and subscribe!  For those of you who attended the workshops, we want to see your images!!

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Fotobug - Episode 166 - Vanelli Glamour Studio Shoot - Part 2

October 2nd, 2016

The weekend this podcast goes live, Jim and Fred will be wrapping up the Black Hills Photo Shootout in Spearfish, SD.  Hopefully you followed the Shootout on the Black Hills Photo Shootout Facebook page for live broadcasts from the event.  Now it is time to plan to attend the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout coming up in the spring of 2017!


This episode is the second and final part of the day Jim and Fred spent with Vanelli in his studio for a photo shoot for Teen Vogue Magazine.  Especially if you want to improve your use of studio strobes and posing, you will want to watch this podcast.  We are also very grateful to Vanelli for allowing us to videotape behind-the-scenes of one of his studio shoots.  You can learn more from Vanelli from his posts at and his website,

Be sure to tune into the next podcast for highlights of the Black Hills Photo Shootout!

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