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Fotobug - Episode 157 - Dr. Joel Murphy Underwater Photography

May 29th, 2016

Welcome to The Fotobug podcast #157!  In recent news, Colin Smith from PhotoshopCafe was recently kicked off a Southwest flight by trying to follow the rules concerning a Li-ion battery in his DJI Phantom.  More details in the podcast!  Brian May, guitarist for Queen, has come out with a device that turns your smart phone into a stereo viewer - cost about $37.  We are also sad to report that Michael Reichmann, founder of the Luminous-Landscape has passed away at the age of 71.  Michael is well known for the phrase "expose to the right" indicating the histogram should have luminous values on the upper half of the graph. Hard disk  giant Western Digital has acquired flash memory manufacturer SanDisk in a deal worth $18 billion.  Finally, Adobe's content-aware fill will soon be available using the crop tool!


Our featured guest this episode is Dr. Joel MurphyDr. Murphy is an avid underwater photographer and shares a few of his awesome underwater images and discusses the techniques and challenges in capturing these images.  He also shares some of the specialized equipment such as camera cases and strobes, in addition to the underwater equipment and training that is required to photograph underwater.  Dr. Murphy also discusses tips for those who may wish to pursue underwater photography as well.  We will be having Joel back to show off some of his amazing underwater macro work, so please leave your comments and questions that we will happily pass on to him!

Keep the end of September open for the Black Hills Photo Shootout in western South Dakota!  Next time, highlights of Iceland!

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Fotobug - Episode 156 - Tim Gilbreath

May 15th, 2016

Today's podcast features another workshop leader from the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout, Tim Gilbreath!

In recent news, ON1 had announced a combination non-destructive photo editor and RAW processor: ON1 Photo RAW. We will be featuring a guest that works with ON1 on an upcoming podcast!  Canon says that despite a drop in net income, interchangeable lens camera sales are steady.  Sony has patented a contact lens that comes with an integrated camera module - Google is also working on such a device. Sony also announced its imaging division finished the 2015 financial year strong.  Time Magazine name the Kodak Brownie and the Polaroid Camera as two of the most influential gadgets in history.  Steve McCurry has recently come under fire for posting badly manipulated images.  Beamr, has introduced an extension for Adobe Photoshop called JPEGmini which applies a more efficient algorithm to compress JPEG images.

Tim Gilbreath was one of the workshop leaders at the 2016 Tampa Bay Photo Shootout.  Jim and Fred sit down with Tim to discuss some of his favorite recent images and discuss tips for photographers.  Tim lives on the west coast of Florida and his work features many images of the immediate area including his love for sunsets and atmospheric haze. Tim also gives advice on how he captured his wonderful images and you should come away with some good techniques to try for your own images.

Coming up, a discussion and underwater images from Dr. Joel Murphy and images from Iceland.  Stay tuned!

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Fotobug - Episode 155 - Beyond the Selfie!

May 1st, 2016

Podcast 155 features a special treat, the Fotobug guys discuss ways to improve image capture using your mobile phone!

Jim and Fred also discuss recent photography news.  Pelican cases have introduced a new Air series of cases that offer protection with less weight.  Did a consumer drone really crash into a jet landing at Heathrow airport?  A new Kickstarter campaign is designing a DSLR style grip to work with iPhonesLytro has debuted it Cinema Prototype at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas.  The Sony plant that makes sensors in Japan has been temporarily shut down due to the recent earthquake.  Another former Kickstarter project has created a pocket sized slider for DSLR cameras and will be sold at a reduced price until July.


The Fotobug guys present a how-to on optimizing captures with your mobile phone or tablet.  Due to the small sensors, fixed lenses, and fixed apertures on mobile phone cameras, there are special techniques that will permit the photographer to capture the best images possible.  Chances are a photographer won't always have a DSLR or mirrorless camera but will likely be carrying a mobile phone with a built-in camera. Jim recommends using the mobile camera as a "photographer's sketchpad" but images captured with these cameras with a little care can be quite good!

Please share your mobile phone photography tips and photographs with us here on on our Facebook page!

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