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Fotobug - Episode 133 - Vanelli and Friends Cruise - Vanelli - Gary Farber

June 28th, 2015

Welcome to podcast number 133. In recent news, Adobe has released CC 2015 and the RAW convertor contains new features including a Dehaze function.  Adobe also reset previous trials in order to give users another 30 days to evaluate programs.  Sony has released a new full frame mirrorless camera called the A7R II which has a 42.4MP sensor. There are also a couple new crowd funding products including a portable microphone called the Instamic and a device that will automatically pan a camera to track a person or object carrying a tracking device called Soloshot.


Jim just returned from a week on the Vanelli and friends cruise to Cozumel Mexico.He came back with so many great interviews, we are going to divide between two podcasts.  The first two interviews feature Vanelli and Gary Farber from Hunts Photo.  The next podcast will feature interviews with Vincent Versace and Mike Moats.  Make sure you check in next time as you won't want to miss any of these great interviews.  If you are interested in a future photo cruise, Vanelli is planning another for this coming October.  More details to come!

Gary Farber has extended the cruise specials from Hunts to our listeners, so check our Facebook page for all the great show specials!

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Fotobug - Episode 132 - Alpine Labs Radian 2

June 14th, 2015

Thanks for tuning into the next Fotobug podcast!  In recent photo news, GoPro shows off a rig that controls 16 cameras to record mufti-angle footage for virtual reality uses, Google has announce a standalone service the separates the photo component of its Google Plus app and now available with unlimited free storage for 16MP and smaller images. GoPro has also introduced a new Hero+ camera with touchscreen and LCD for $299.  Another new app, Kolektio aims to simplify the process of images from a party or other event.  Five photographers have created the world's larges high resolution photograph by combining 70,000 digital images that were taken over a 35 hour period.  Swedish company TTRobotix has introduced a remote controlled submarine that uses a GoPro camera to record underwater images up to 26 ft deep.


Jim and Fred's guest this episode is Greg Horvath, from Alpine Labs.  Greg is part of the Alpine Labs team that is developing the next generation of the Radian Time Lapse device.  The Radian 2 is an updated version of the original Radian that allows the photographer to program the device from an android or IOS tablet or phone, and will then control a camera as well as tilt or rotate or even drive a slider!  The Radian 2 is the most recent Kickstarter project from Alpine and is expected to be released this fall, possibly in September.  The original Radian and Michron timelapse controllers are now available on the Alpine website at and are also available from leading photo retailers and Amazon.  We will be following up with Greg after the new system has been released which promises blue tooth connectivity and more!

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Next time, Jim will be back from the Vanelli and Friends Photo Cruise with highlights and interviews with Vanelli, Vincent Versace and Mike Moats!  Mark July 5th on your calendar - or better yet - subscribe via iTunes!

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