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Fotobug - Episode 126 - Introduction to UAVs

March 22nd, 2015

Welcome to podcast number 126.  In recent news, World Press Photo has stripped Giovanni Troilo of his prize for indicating the winning photo was taken elsewhere than indicated, a team at Harvard School of Engineering has developed a method for making flat lenses that could dramatically reduce the size and weight of camera lenses in the future, a new platform called Defrozo has launched on Kickstarter offering photographers online services needed to market and run a photography business, and the developers behind Facetune have created a new app called Enlight, a general purpose image editor currently only available for iPhones running IOS 8.1 or later. Android and iPad versions coming soon.


As promised, Jim and Fred present a brief introduction to UAV photography - and give some tips on learning to fly.  Jim built his first 3 UAVs (don't call them drones!), several years ago and has used them for photography.  The FAA has recently posted some new guidelines for the use of UAVs and Jim and Fred discuss safety issues as well as the new guidelines.  In a future podcast, Jim is going to discuss tips for setting up your cameras to optimize aerial images and to minimize issues with this type of photography.  As always, please send us your questions and comments!

Coming up April 10, 11 and 12 is the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout ( - so this is your last chance to sign up!  Also check out Vanelli's photography cruise with Vanelli, Mike Moats and Vincent Versace at (and Jim will be there too!).  Also check out the photo workshops at

See you next time!

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Fotobug - Episode 125 - Jim Sykes

March 9th, 2015

Welcome to The Fotobug Podcast number 125 featuring Tampa based photographer, Jim Sykes.

In recent news, the Lytro CEO announced that the company has raised $50 million in funding and plan to make a strategic into video and virtual reality.  Jim and Fred discuss the 'viral' blue and black dress (or is it orange and white?) that was posted on Facebook.  Also, Haje Jan Kamps announced that the Kickstarter project for the Ada device has been cancelled due to higher than expected manufacturing costs.  The current software and PCB circuit board information will be released as open source on Github.  British photographer Martin Le-May captures an amazing image of a weasel riding on the back of a European Green woodpecker.  Finally, The FAA releases new guidelines for UAV pilots which will be covered in more depth in a future episode.


Our guest this episode is photographer Jim Skyes (  Jim specializes in architectural and luxury home photography as well as portrait photography, photo tours and is also the president of The Tampa Bay Photo Club.  Jim and Fred join Mr. Sykes in his Ybor studio and discuss his trips, photography tips and more. Jim is also is a member of the Ybor Art Association, The Tampa Bay Strobist and Photoshop Collective, and numerous other photography organizations in the Tampa Bay Area.  We urge you to check out his gallery at his website and check out his New Mexico photo tours. Jim is one of those rare photographers who are still shooting film on occasion!

Don't forget the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout coming up April 10, 11, and 12th ( and additional workshops this summer ( In addition, our previous guest, Vanelli, has arranged a photo workshop cruise at  ( featuring Vanelli, Vincent Versace, and Mike Moats.  (Fotobug Jim will be there as well!).

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