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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 44

January 29th, 2012

Welcome to Podcast #44 which features an interview with photographer Tim Vollmer all the way from Iceland! Tim shares his wonderful images of Icelandic animals and scenery and talks about his workshops. In addition, Tim has a special offer to the listeners of The Fotobug for a workshop in Iceland in late May! Go to for more information and to see more of Tim's incredible work! Be sure to let Tim know you heard him on The Fotobug!

In the news, Eastman Kodak has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Adobe backs off on their new upgrade policy, and Apple approached Lytro for new possible camera ideas! Also, Eye-Fi challenges new proposed SD wireless standards and you won't want to miss the story on a copyright issue in the UK as well as a photographic image long term exposure that lasted one year!

Also, the dates for Jim's Costa Rica workshop have been set to begin Saturday May 5 - check for more details and to register for this photoworkshop to capture hummingbirds and the amazing resplendant quetzal. Also coming up, Jim and Fred will be doing a remote podcast from the Everglades in February and look for our friend Chris Klapheke to join us once again!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 43

January 15th, 2012

Welcome to episode 43!  Jim and Fred sit down with photographer Marina Scarr to talk about her wildlife photography.  Marina's wonderful images are currently featured in several nature and Audubon publications and brochures. Marina began shooting with film and transitioned to digital in 2007.  You can see more of Marina's work at her website at   Marina is also the latest member of the Fotobug's "Bird on the Head" club!  Check out her photograph with a fledgling Osprey on her head!

In the news, Kodak may be preparing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and may break up into separate business units.  Fuji has announced a new E.V.I.L. camera, Kentucky wants to issue hunting licenses for sandhill cranes, and the FAA grounds the whooping crane migration ultralight, then grants an exception to allow them to fly.  Nikon announces a new multimedia SLR!

Coming up next, photographer Tim Vollmer from Iceland, who has a special offer for our listeners for a workshop in late May.  Also, Jim will be leading a workshop to Costa Rica in early May and will be returning to Mongolia later this year.  Tune in for more details!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 42

January 1st, 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to Podcast #42! This is our second annual "Year in Review" podcast and we discuss some of the photo related events that happened during the last year. We also review the guests that we have interviewed over the past 12 months and give a little hint of what is to come in 2012. We plan to offer more DIY projects, more training (including another free eBook which will be released in mid-January) as well as workshops and more interviews!

In the news, we have more updates about the troubles at Olympus Camera and show one of the year's best nature photos selected by National Geographic Magazine. We want to thank you all for tuning in to our podcast and for checking out our Facebook page. Please take a few minutes to rate us on your favorite podcast feed (especially on iTunes!) as that will help more photographers find us.

Keep listening and we're looking forward to a photogenic 2012!

Jim and Fred

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