Episode 88 of The Fotobug features The Black Hills Shootout from western South Dakota.  The keynote speaker for the fourth annual Photo Shootout was Bill Fortney who makes an appearance in the podcast.  Our featured guest is photographer Dick Kettlewell who talks about The Shootout as well as his own photography and workshops.  In addition, video from The Buffalo Roundup at Custer State Park is featured.

In the news, Adobe releases updates to Lightroom as well as Adobe Camera Raw, GoPro releases the Hero3+, and Jim demonstrates a method to add shortcuts to our website on IOS devices.

There are lots of workshops and events coming up in coming months - be sure to keep tuning in!  A well-known photographer and Canon Explorer of Light has offered to do a free Photo walk next year which will help celebrate our 100th podcast!  Additional information on workshops and the Tampa Bay Shootout can be found at www.thephotoshootout.com and www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com.

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Tim Plumer from Adobe agreed to meet with Jim and Fred in episode 87 of The Fotobug and respond to listener questions about Adobe's Creative Cloud program.  We asked our friends on Facebook to post their questions to us and Tim graciously responded.  If you have additional questions, you can email them to jim@thefotobug.com or post them on our Facebook page and Tim will reply.

In the news, Canon shows of a new sensor capable of recording in light so low, it can record fireflies!  Facebook changes their agreements (again) which permits them to use people's images without prior permission.  Also, The Tampa Bay Shootout is coming to the Tampa Bay area April 6-8 of 2014.  Stay tuned for more information!

The Black Hills Shootout is coming up the last weekend in September and will be featured on the next podcast.  More information about this and the Tampa Bay Shootout can be found at www.thephotoshootout.com.
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In The Fotobug Podcast #86, Jim talks to our friend, Maxis Gamez  (www.aerialvisions.org) about his new Octocopter, aerial photography using unmanned aerial vehicles, and new FAA rules for commercial use of UAVs. The DJI Phantom has been featured on the the few podcasts.

Our special guest is Montana based photographer, Todd Taylor (
http://ttaylorpix.com/) who shares some of his wonderful images with us and describes some of his techniques.  You won't want to miss Todd's wonderful photography!  We recommend you check out his website!

If you would like to be a guest blogger or appear on an upcoming podcast, please write and let us know - simply go to www.thefotobug.net and contact us!

Upcoming events: The Black Hills Shootout in South Dakota at the end of September, www.thephotoshootout.com and check out our upcoming workshops in Iceland and Slovenia as well as many others at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com.

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Welcome to podcast #85!  Jason Hahn is our guest this episode.  Jason talks about his recent family photo trip out west and shares some of his photos with us.  In addition, we discuss the upcoming Black Hills Shootout which takes place September 27, 28 and 29 in Spearfish, South Dakota.  This is the fourth year of the photo workshop and features keynote speaker, Bill Fortney.  Registration is at www.thephotoshootout.com and there are still openings available!

Jason also talks about the 2014 schedule for the Outdoor Photo Workshop which includes the Everglades, Raptors, Iceland, Slovenia and many workshops in South Dakota.  Check www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com for the 2014 schedule.

In the news, Fred and Jim talk more about UAV photography and FAA guidelines, Kodak emerges from bankruptcy, Garmin releases a new sports camera and a lot more!

Don't forget to check out our Facebook page, and our new website, www.thefotobug.net for photography based videos and training.  Don't forget to rate us on iTunes!

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Review time!  Jim and Fred review the DJI Phantom quadrocopter which can be used to carry a GoPro or other small camera in flight.  Quick to assemble and easy to fly.  The Gura Gear Sabi Sack bean bag bundle was designed by our friend Chris Klapheke at Outdoor Photo Gear www.outdoorphotogear.com/ . These bags are very tough and flexible, but just why would a photographer want a bean bag?  Well, tune in to this podcast to see what we think and learn just how to use a bean bag!

In the news, Adobe just released two new release candidates for Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom, a company is working on a Lytro Plenoptic adapter for DSLR cameras, and Sigma announces a mount conversion service for some of their newest lenses.

Coming up on future podcasts, interviews with Matt Kloskowski and Art Wolfe, plus Susan Candelario will be returning!

There is still time to register for this year's Black Hills Shootout in South Dakota - www.thephotoshootout.com/ .  There are still open workshops available and this year's keynote speaker is Bill Fortney!

Be sure to 'like' our Facebook page and check out our new website at www.thefotobug.net !

The Fotobug exclusive specials from Hunts for this episode are DxO Filmpack 4.0 - only $99 and The Epson Stylus Pro 3880 17" printer (refurbished) only $799.99.  Call Keith at 781-462-2340.  Specials good until 8/23/13.  Also, Hunts has a free webinar on 8/14/13 on DxO Filmpack at https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/4168965814400283392


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Jim just returned from his trip to the Maine coast including Acadia National Park, Machias Seal Island and Baxter State Park.  Fred and Jim discuss the trip and Jim gives travel and photo tips to this region and shares some of the images he made during the trip.  Captured images including scenic landscapes, puffins, and moose!

This is a departure from our usual format in that we haven't had a chance to check the latest photo news.  However, Hunts Photo has posted three new specials for our listeners including the GoPro Hero 3 for $349.00, the Cotton Carrier system for only $127.49, and Lowepro Pro Runner 300 AW for only $159.99.  Call Keith at 781-462-2340 or email him at patankar@wbhunt.com to take advantage of these deals.  Hurry, the deals expire on 8/09/2013!

Jim's guide at Baxter State Park was Bryant Davis at www.mainequestadventures.com and Captain Andy for Machias Seal Island at www.boldcoast.com.

As always, don't hesitate to send us your questions or comments (jim@thefotobug.com or fred@thefotobug.com ).  Coming up: Susan Candelario and Jason Hahn will discuss the Lightning Bug, a review of the DJI Phantom quadcopter, Matt Kloskowski, and Art Wolfe!

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Our guest host for podcast #82 is Roman Kurywczak, a New Jersey based photographer who recently published an eBook on night photography and light painting.  Roman's website can be found at http://www.roaminwithroman.com/  where you can also purchase his eBook, A Digital Guide to Photographing the Night Sky. Roman discusses his photography and offers techniques and suggestion for those who would like to try their hand at night photography.  In addition, Roman leads workshops to locations such as Tanzania and Iceland!

In the news, a Tumbler blog displays the difference in the quality of news images at the Chicago Sun Times before and after the massive layoff of the news photography staff, Canon announces a new DSLR, the 70D, the Olympus executives who admitted cooking the books receive a suspended jail sentence, and Carl Zeiss drops "Carl" from their name.

Jim also displays an interesting image from one of his Kentucky workshop attendees, David Becker. Thank you, David, for sharing it with us!

In our next podcast, Jim will be showing videos and images from his upcoming trip to the coast of Maine and Quebec.  Also coming up are interviews with Art Wolfe, Matt Kloskowski, and returning again; Susan Candelario!  Be sure to subscribe so you don't miss an episode and please remember to rate us on iTunes!

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 Jim traveled to Outdoor Photo Gear to conduct a workshop on Light Painting techniques.  While there, he got a chance to tour the new OPG facility as well as interview "Troy the Turkey" and our friend Chris Klapheke.  The interview with Troy (featured on many OPG videos) was conducted at the new retail space for Outdoor Photo Gear and the interview with Chris took place at Chris' home.

  In the news, Lightworks Pro now accepts video clips from more camera models, including DSLRs; Microsoft has released more updates for 22 camera RAW files, and Adobe has now released the first of it's new Creative Cloud software.  Also, check out the website www.shothotspot.com which lists locations and photographs taken from those locations.  Great idea for planning your photo ventures!  All this and Jim flies a helicopter!

 Coming up, out next guest is Roman Kurywczak from New Jersey who will be talking about his new eBook on night photography.  Also scheduled in the next few weeks are Matt Kloskowski, from NAPP, Art Wolfe and Susan Candelario.  So keep listening!  Please take a moment to rate us on your podcast service such as iTunes!

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Jeff Donald returns and sits down with Jim and Fred at a local Irish pub in Tampa to discuss the latest on his new radio show, Picture This and the Florida Center for Creative Photography. Jeff runs one of the most active meetup groups in the country and is well known in the Tampa Bay area for his photo walks and photography training sessions. The Florida Center for Creative Photography website is http://www.meetup.com/fccp-photo/ and the radio show, Picture This, can be listened to online at internetradiopros.com/picturethis and is also available on YouTube.

In recent news, Adobe has released RAW convertor 8.1 and Lightroom 5.0 (upgrade is $79), Olympus may be leaving the small compact camera market, Bell Labs researchers have created a lenseless 1 pixel sensor, and our friends at the Triggertrap have hired a dedicated Android programmer.

Our friend Mike Pendergast, who has appeared twice on The Fotobug, and is also known as "Sparky" due to his interest in lightning photography, was recently hospitalized for a serious infection. Mike was recently laid off from his job and currently has no insurance, so a number of photographers have created a Zenfolio account to sell images to help Mike out. Please go out and check the GALLERY and see if there is anything you like - proceeds are going to help pay Mike's medical bills.

Be sure to check the new videos and posts at our new website, www.thefotobug.net and we recommend you register to receive updates as we post them! Jim will be returning from his Light Painting Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky and there are more interesting guests coming up. So you don't miss a thing, we recommend you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and be sure to leave us a rating on iTunes!

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Welcome to podcast number 79!  Jim and Fred interview Matt Poole, the Visitor's Service Manager for the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island off the coast of Massachusetts.  Matt talks about their nature programs, photography safaris and the annual photo contest they run.  For more information, please check their website at www.fws.gov/northeast/parkerriver/.  The Parker River Reserve is one of the most visited reserves in the northeast of the United States. Be sure to add it to your "must do" list!

In the news, the Yahoo CEO gets into a bit of trouble with an unfortunate statement she made, Canon releases a 200-400mm lens with a built-in 1.4x extender and even more!

Hunts has offered specials just for our listeners for the next two weeks only:  get any Lens Coat product for 10% off and pick up a Better Beamer flash extender for only $34.00!  To take advantage of these specials - call Keith Patankar at 781-462-2340 before June 14, 2013!

Many exiting subjects planned for this summer - be sure to stay tuned!

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