Welcome to The Fotobug podcast 129!  In recent news, Apple has acquired camera technology company Linx for $20 million, Ricoh established an initiative to salvage, clean scan and return photographic prints found in the area devastated by the March 2011 earthquake in Japan.  Adobe just released a Creative Cloud version of Lightroom, and if you want a really big lens, there is a NASA lens available right now on eBay.  For more details and more recent news items, be sure to listen to the entire podcast!

Jim and Fred also do a review of the original Lytro cameras!  If you have one and would like to share you experiences with our viewers, please email us, or post the information on our Facebook page.

The Fotobug theme for the month of May is Macro Light Painting so Jim and Fred present an introduction to a technique that Jim has been developing to carefully apply light to very small objects such as the nautilus shell above.  Be sure to watch the entire podcast to learn how to create your own images like the one above. 

This month's theme is sponsored by the amazing folks at Hunts Photo and Video.  Here are the following specials good for the entire month of May. To take advantage of these specials, call Andrea at 781-662-8822 and mention The Fotobug!

1.Promaster LED120----($99.99) SALE price $49.99 CLICK HERE
2.Manfrotto LUMIE Muse----($119.99) SALE price $99.99 CLICK HERE
3.Gisteq F-2981 Flashmate II LED Video Light----($139.99) SALE price $119.99  CLICK HERE
4..Bowens Mosaic Solo On-Camera LED Light----($149.99) SALE price $139.99 CLICK HERE

Remember, all these units are also great for doing light paintings!  Also check out the Hunts Photo Cruise coming up in June featuring Vanelli, Vincent Versace and Mike Moats - Jim from The Fotobug will be there as well! http://vanelliandfriends.com/cruise/

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This has been a busy couple of weeks - the first annual Tampa Bay Photo Shootout is now history and we have some behind the scenes video and an interview with Jillian from Tamron!

In recent news, the Colorado legislature has introduced a new bill that, if signed into law, will prevent law enforcement officers from interfering with citizens who are photographing or recording police activity while Texas wants to penalize photographers who  film or photograph police within 15 feet of an incident. Lensbaby has introduced a new portrait lens that produces a velvety image. In UAV news, DJI has introduced two new Phantom quadcopters, Blackmagic has announced a new small sports camera and Garmin has announced a sports camera - both suitable for using on UAVs. Manfrotto has used the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show as launching pad for the Digital Director, a bracket designed to turn an iPad Air into an external monitor for Canon and Nikon DSLRs.  Canon has reduced the price on some of its most popular L lenses and tune into the podcast for even more!

The Tampa Bay Photo Shootout was a success and we thank Tamron, JDI Imaging and our keynote speaker, Connie Bransilver as well as all the instructors for all their hard work.  We especially want to thank Connie for filling in as a workshop leader on Saturday!  Tune into the podcast for an interview with the "Tamron Lady"!

Also, watch the podcast to check out the new "Fotobug Florida Vest" from our friend The Vest Guy (www.thevestguy.com)


Our monthly theme is Black and White, so Jim and Fred present a few tips on capturing and processing digital images for black and white.  If you would like more, we urge you to sign up for the Vanelli and Friends photo cruise that will be taking place the week of June 15th featuring Vanellia, B&W guru Vincent Versace, and macro photographer Mike Moats. http://vanelliandfriends.com/cruise/

Be sure to check out The Fotobug Facebook page for special announcements and discounts and we recommend subscribing to this podcast on iTunes - don't forget to rate us!

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Spring is finally here and Fred and Jim head out to the local state park at Honeymoon Island to tape the most recent podcast!  In recent news, instant film company Impossible has released a Generation 2.0 film called B&W 2.0 and claims it is sharper and clearer than previous versions, a Poloroid camera repair company has just introduced its own instant camera called the Mint, Amazon just announced a new cloud storage service for photographers that allows unlimited storage for $12 a year, GoPro just stopped their daily "Everything we Make" give away and have been awarded a grant for a cube based camera, Phase One has released an 80 mp camera for UAVs and you will just have to listen to the podcast for more news!


Jim recently returned from a private Photo Workshop he conducted in Iceland and relates highlights of the trip.  The weather could have been better and the group did not see the northern lights this year, but did get to photograph an ice cave!  The next trip is being planned for next March as well as another in May of 2016.

There are only a few more days to sign up for the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout at www.thephotoshootout.com .  In addition, check out the great worskhops at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com and there is still time to sign up for the Vanelli and Friends Photo Cruise featuring Vanelli, Vincent Versace and Mike Moats (Jim will be there too!) at http://vanelliandfriends.com/cruise/ sponsored by our friends at Hunts Photo.

Be sure to get out and enjoy the improving weather and be sure to check back in two weeks for the next podcast!

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Welcome to podcast number 126.  In recent news, World Press Photo has stripped Giovanni Troilo of his prize for indicating the winning photo was taken elsewhere than indicated, a team at Harvard School of Engineering has developed a method for making flat lenses that could dramatically reduce the size and weight of camera lenses in the future, a new platform called Defrozo has launched on Kickstarter offering photographers online services needed to market and run a photography business, and the developers behind Facetune have created a new app called Enlight, a general purpose image editor currently only available for iPhones running IOS 8.1 or later. Android and iPad versions coming soon.


As promised, Jim and Fred present a brief introduction to UAV photography - and give some tips on learning to fly.  Jim built his first 3 UAVs (don't call them drones!), several years ago and has used them for photography.  The FAA has recently posted some new guidelines for the use of UAVs and Jim and Fred discuss safety issues as well as the new guidelines.  In a future podcast, Jim is going to discuss tips for setting up your cameras to optimize aerial images and to minimize issues with this type of photography.  As always, please send us your questions and comments!

Coming up April 10, 11 and 12 is the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout (www.thephotoshootout.com) - so this is your last chance to sign up!  Also check out Vanelli's photography cruise with Vanelli, Mike Moats and Vincent Versace at www.vanelliandfriends.com/cruise (and Jim will be there too!).  Also check out the photo workshops at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com.

See you next time!

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Welcome to The Fotobug Podcast number 125 featuring Tampa based photographer, Jim Sykes.

In recent news, the Lytro CEO announced that the company has raised $50 million in funding and plan to make a strategic into video and virtual reality.  Jim and Fred discuss the 'viral' blue and black dress (or is it orange and white?) that was posted on Facebook.  Also, Haje Jan Kamps announced that the Kickstarter project for the Ada device has been cancelled due to higher than expected manufacturing costs.  The current software and PCB circuit board information will be released as open source on Github.  British photographer Martin Le-May captures an amazing image of a weasel riding on the back of a European Green woodpecker.  Finally, The FAA releases new guidelines for UAV pilots which will be covered in more depth in a future episode.


Our guest this episode is photographer Jim Skyes (www.jrsphotos.com).  Jim specializes in architectural and luxury home photography as well as portrait photography, photo tours and is also the president of The Tampa Bay Photo Club.  Jim and Fred join Mr. Sykes in his Ybor studio and discuss his trips, photography tips and more. Jim is also is a member of the Ybor Art Association, The Tampa Bay Strobist and Photoshop Collective, and numerous other photography organizations in the Tampa Bay Area.  We urge you to check out his gallery at his website and check out his New Mexico photo tours. Jim is one of those rare photographers who are still shooting film on occasion!

Don't forget the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout coming up April 10, 11, and 12th (www.thephotoshootout.com) and additional workshops this summer (www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com). In addition, our previous guest, Vanelli, has arranged a photo workshop cruise at  (www.vanelliandfriends.com/cruise) featuring Vanelli, Vincent Versace, and Mike Moats.  (Fotobug Jim will be there as well!).

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Fred and Jim welcome Vanelli to cohost podcast number 124.

In recent news, Nikon has recently shown off the new D810a which is a special version of the D810 modified for astrophotography, Canon is showing off a prototype ultra high-resolution 120MP CMOS sensor, Rumor are circulating about the next GoPro.  In addition, are we headed for a "Digital Dark Age"? Internet pioneer Vint Cerf believes so.  In addition, a small Florida-based photo editing tool business called Seasalt & Co. is causing some big controversy after announcing an upcoming Photoshop Action pack that many photographers are finding offensive.
We are delighted to have Vanelli join us as a co-host.  Although Vanelli is based in Melbourne, FL, he came to us via Chicago where he was conducting a workshop.  Vanelli is actively involved in  PhotoFocus - http://photofocus.com along with a number of other well-known photographers and we urge you to check out the great training materials found there.In addition, Vanelli and Friends along with Hunts Photo are doing a floating photography workshop from June 15-19 from Miami to Key West to Cozumel and back.  The price is not only amazing, there are 3 incredible photographers that will be conducting workshops all week.  In addition to Vanelli, there are Mike Moats and Vincent Versace  In order to register, go to http://vanelliandfriends.com/cruise/.  There is a chance one of The Fotobug guys may be there as well!
Also don't forget to register for The Tampa Bay Photo Shootoutwww.thephotoshootout.com in April 10-12 and additional workshops at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com.

Thanks for tuning in and remember, you can also subscribe via iTunes and don't forget to follow us on FaceBook!
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Welcome to podcast 123!  In recent photographic news, Adobe had announced that beginning with Lightroom 6, all future versions will be 64 bit only, Light & Motion has introduced a new GoPro companion light called the Sidekick, and is seeking funding for its production on Kickstarter.  The Sidekick is a lighting unit that fits the GoPros current mount. GoPro also  just recently partnered with the NHL to broadcast live video from cameras on the hockey players.  GoPro has partnered with Visilink to attach small transmitters to the Hero 4 to transmit live HD images from the games. In additional sports related news, 'Sports Illustrated' has laid off its remaining six full-time staff photographers.  Finally, Canon has announced two new cameras with 50.6 megapixel sensors, the 5Ds and the 5Ds r.  Tune into the podcast for more news!

Fred and Jim test out the Edelkrone PocketShot which is currently on sale from www.edelkrone.com. for 30% off.  We recommend you check out their products and be sure to let them know you found out about them from The Fotobug guys.  Although this unit is really intended for videomakers, we found it to be useful for still photographers as well.  We would love to hear your feedback and keep in mind that Edelkrone is now in the process of modifying the design so we can't wait to see what they come up with.

Be sure to go out and sign up for the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout at www.thephotoshootout.com and check out the photo workshops at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com.

Be sure to rate us on iTunes and we love to receive feedback from you!

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Thanks for checking out The Fotobug podcast #122! In recent news, more about the issues with Nikon's D750 flare issues.  First, the camera appeared to be pulled from retailers shelves for a short time, then Nikon stated that all effected cameras would be repaired for free, in addition they released detailed instructions on how to handle the issue and return the camera if necessary.  Canon too has a problem with PowerShot SX280 HS and S120 units among others where the battery contact may have an issue.  Also, Canon wants to increase domestic production in Japan up to 60% due to the falling value of the Yen.  GoPro also has announced a firmware upgrade for the Hero 4 that will add new features to the camera including auto adjusting for using the camera upside down!


Today, Fred and Jim give a brief introduction to closeup photography.  They show some of the necessary equipment, such as true macro lenses, and regular lenses combined with extension tubes.  In addition, a technique to get nice backgrounds, the use of the plamp, and even focusing techniques.  By recording from the HDMI output from our camera, they actually demonstrate these techniques while you virtually look through the camera viewfinder.

The Fotobug hopes to do more of these in the coming year and would appreciate your feedback on what you would like to see!

Finally, upcoming workshops include March 12-17 to Iceland, the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout in April and more information on these can be found at www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com and www.thephotoshootout.com.

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Welcome to the first Fotobug podcast of 2015!  Co-hosting on this episode is our friend, Tim Grey!

In recent news, Nikon has released a statement to reassure users of the D750 that it is working on measures to address the flare issues some users have been reporting, Toshiba introduced the FlashAir III wireless SD card, realtor Douglas Trudeau has been issued an OK from the FAA to use a Phantom UAV for taking commercial real estate photos, and digital storage brand G-Technology has announced a collection of new G-Drive models that can withstand a 6 foot fall to a carpeted concrete floor.


Fred and I are delighted to have Tim Grey join us as a co-host for this episode. Tim is regarded as  one of the top educators in digital photography and imaging. Tim publishes the free eNewsletter, Ask Tim Grey as well as Pixology Magazine and now has an entire website of training videos for photographers.  We urge you to check out www.timgrey.com which has links to his other websites as well as his photography workshops. We actually have a live version of Ask Tim Grey and Tim answered some questions from a few of our listeners during the podcast.

Please check out Tim's upcoming workshops and you may now go out and register for The Tampa Bay Photo Shootout which will be taking place the weekend of April 10, 11 and 12 (www.thephotoshootout.com).  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and check back in two weeks for The Fotobug 122!

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Welcome to the final podcast of 2014!  In recent news, the world's most expensive photograph just sold for $6.5 million dollars.  It is a photo of a slot canyon photographed by fine arts photographer Peter Lik.  In other news, Adobe has acquired Fotolia and will offer it to it's Creative Cloud customers as well as a stand-alone service. Could JPG be replaced as an image standard?  Well, BPG is a new format that wants to be the next JPG.  It is a 14-bit  format that currently can only be read by a javascript encoder, but has a lot of advantages over the current JPG format.


Since the last podcast, Jim and Fred joined Jason Hahn at the Outdoor Photo Workshops Birds of Prey workshop in north central Florida.  Jim's photo above was photographed during that workshop.  Jim and Fred talk to Jason about the 2015 workshops from OPW (www.outdoorphotoworkshops.com) as well as the upcoming Tampa Bay Photo Shootout coming up in April.  Registration is now available at www.thephotoshootout.com. We recommend you sign up now!

Our first podcast of 2015 will feature Tim Grey - so send in your photo-related questions and Tim will answer them on the podcast.  You can send them to jim@thefotobug.com

Information for the 2015 Iceland workshop with Tim Vollmer is now available and we recommend you check that out as well!

Thanks for watching in 2014 and we wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year in 2015.  Keep chasing those elusive images and remember, any time you can get shutter time is a Great time!

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