Lots of news this time! Lytro has announced an update to its software that now allows post changes to exposure, saturation and color as well as focus for its cameras.  Adobe has finally announced the end of Adobe Flash and are urging web developers to stop using it.  Also, Adobe released Lightroom 2.0 for Apple's IOS devices and will soon do the same for AndroidBeamr is reportedly developing a JPEGmini format that allows JPEG files to be even smaller, without reducing quality.  Phase One has completely taken over the Mamiya Saku factory and Sony is acquiring the Toshiba senor business. Manfrotto plans to introduce e a new video LED light. Panasonic has announced it will resume development of an 8K sensor for video.  If you would like a new job and follow in the footsteps of Ansel Adams, the US Government is looking to hire a full-time photographer for it's National Parks!
Our guest this time is George Heinrich (http://www.heinrichecologicalservices.com).  Jim recently volunteered to help George with his research on Suwanee River Cooter Turtles.  George has been working on this project for the past 11.5 years and we discuss how photographers in the field can help out with these important research studies.  George will be presenting an update on the study at Boyd Hill Nature Park in St. Petersburg, FL in January.
We also included a little extra on dealing with problem backgrounds for better photos.  Fred recently photographed a horse drawn carriage and it occurred to him that there was one best angle for the image - based upon the background!
Jim will be conducting workshops at the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville January 21-25, so please sign up now and plan to attend.  There will be something there for everyone! (www.spacecoastbirdingandwildlifefestival.org).
Until next time - keep shooting!
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Happy Thanksgiving to our friends in the USA and greetings to all!

In recent photo news, Gura Gear acquired Tamrac back in June 2014 and now is going to retire the Gura Gear brand and consolidate them under the Tamrac label.  The import tool has been updated and restored in the latest Lightroom release along with additional lens profiles and Raw support.  Reuters is now only accepting JPEG images rather than edited Raw files. The JPEGs must have "minimal processing" such as level corrections and cropping.  Finally, police in Pennsylvania were called out by a 911 call that reported a gunman was walking around with a machine gun.  It turned out to be a photographer carrying a tripod!

Our guest is Laurilee Thompson, the founder of the Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival which will be taking place in Titusville in January 20-25, 2016.  This will be the 19th year for the festival and includes an expanded program this year for photography!  Laruilee talks about the festival and what to expect, there are dozens and dozens of seminars, fields workshops and classroom sessions - some free! - geared to birders, wildlife enthusiasts, nature lovers and photographers.  Jim from The Fotobug will also be there leading workshops at the festival.  We urge you to go out to the website (www.spacecoastbirdingandwildlifefestival.org) right away to register for the workshops as many workshops have limits on attendees and the popular ones will fill up fast.  The Fotobug will be featuring highlights of the festival in the early February podcast.
Hope to see you there!
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 Welcome to The Fotobug Podcast number 143!  In current news, camera manufacturers have been declaring decent profits, but digital camera sales have been declining. The trend seems to be toward mirrorless cameras.  Polaroid is suing GoPro over the new Hero 4 Session which Poloroid claims is a copy of The Cube.  Medium format camera maker, Hasseblad has sold a minority stake to DJI Technology in China which makes the popular Phantom UAV.  National Geographic just announced a lay-off of nearly 10% of its workforce due to a cost cutting measure after it was acquired by Rupert Murdoch.  

Those smart photographers that follow us on Facebook were able to take advantage of a new Kickstarter project by Alpine Labs and take advantage of an early-bird pricing for a new remote camera trigger which operates from smart phones (IOS and Android).  It allows most camera settings to be adjusted from the phone and will even do time lapse!  There is still time to get better pricing before the unit goes to market - just go to Kickstarter and search for Pulse by Alpine Labs.

Jim and Fred take the Rogue Safari flash enhancer out for a spin.  The Safari is for cameras with pop-up flash units and fits onto the hot shoe.  The device then focuses the output of the flash and extends its range to around 25 to 30 feet.  Although the Safari works just as promised, there are some caveats and things you should know when using any kind of flash enhancer.  For example, it can increase the chance of red-eye and if left on your camera, the sun can damage your camera or your flash.  The Safari should also be used with lenses of 100mm or greater (when using a camera with a crop sensor).  Watch the podcast as Jim and Fred take the Safari into a local state park and demonstrate how to use it.

Be sure to tune into the next podcast for an interview with a member of the Space Coast Birding and Nature Festival coming up in Titusville, FL this coming January!  For more information go to www.spacecoastbirdingandwildlifefestival.org

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Welcome to The Fotobug Halloween special podcast!
In the news Sony Corporation is to split the part of its business that makes imaging sensors away from the Devices segment that it currently comes under and Toshiba is finalizing plans to sell its image sensor business to Sony for an estimated $165 million.  Adobeapologizes for issues that caused lockups and crashes with the Lightroom 6.2 update.  The FAA is planning to require registration of all UAVs and will possibly do so before the end of the year. Western Digital is planning to acquire Sandisk Corporation in a cash and stock buy out.  Sigma is introducing the world's fastest wide angle lens, a 20mm f/1.4 lens!  Be sure to watch the podcast for more details on these news items and more!
Using simple LED flashlights, Jim and Fred demonstrate how easy it is to create abstract art after dark, in your own back yard!  Inexpensive LED lights can be found at many local gift shops and should only cost a few dollars.  In addition you can use regular LED flashlights and using colored gels to create different colored light.  You might also try extended exposures to include the local landscape with the abstract light paintings placed into the scene. Also, you may wish to wear dark clothing to prevent you from appearing in the final image. 

In addition to the flashlights, you need a solid tripod and of course, a camera. We recommend keeping your ISO below 1600 and you can use a brighter flashlight to help focus.  Be aware that even though you may not see lights in the background, the extended exposure (up to 30 seconds or more!) can cause the distant lights to appear. Have fun and be sure to share your images with us on our Facebook page!

Finally, M&M Photo Tours have extended an offer to reduce their Tanzania trip next year by 10%.  Check www.mmphototours.com for complete information!

Also remember the 10% discount on all Rogue Flash products until the end of the year.  Contact Hunts Photo to take advantage of this offer!
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September was a very busy month for The Fotobug guys! Jim just returned from a Curtis Budden Photo workshop in Scotland and even toured Ireland for a few days. In the news, Flickr has introduced a 360 degree photo viewer as well as YouTube and even Facebook. GoPro has introduced a new entry-level action camera, the HERO+ with Wi-Fi. RED has launched its new RED RAVEN camera which offers 4K recording at 120fps and 2K recording at 240fps. Adobe has announced updates to its Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements and has expanded the dehaze filter in the CC version of Camera Raw to work with the Radial Filter, Graduated Filter and Local Adjustment Brush. Vantage Robotics has a new 4K camera quadcopter called Snap, and it's now up for pre-order.  Finally, our friends at M&M Photo Tours have offered our listeners a 10% discount on a workshop to Tanzania.  Everything is included, including airfare from New York. Go to http://mmphototours.com/ for complete information.
Jim shares highlights of his recent photography workshop in the Highlands of Scotland with Curtis Budden (www.curtisbuddenphotography.com).  The landscapes in Scotland are absolutely amazing and every photographer should plan to travel to Scotland at least once!  Curtis also does photo workshops in other areas and we suggest you check out his website - he will even organize custom tours for you.  Jim also created a number of timelapse sequences for the podcast using his own rail in addition to the original Radian and LRTimelapse software.  Thanks to a great group that helped make this workshop truly outstanding!
Coming up next time, The Fotobug Halloween special with a How-to on spooky night time light painting.  Be sure not to miss it!
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Welcome to our coverage of the Black Hills Photo Shootout in Rapid City, South Dakota.  But first, the latest photographic news!  Lenstag now has a subscription option for $2.00 a month of $19.00 a year - currently by invitation only.  There is now a Kickstarter project to produce a DSLR-like case for the GoPro camera.  Flickr demonstrated an early preview of a 'virtual reality experience' designed for viewing 360-degree panoramic photos. Sony has introduced the Alpha 7S II, a second iteration of its video-centric Alpha 7S. DJI has announced a pair of Micro Four Thirds aerial cameras including a model that can shoot lossless 4K Raw footage. Photographer and designer Philipp Schmitt has created a concept camera called 'Camera Restricta' with a unique feature: it won't allow the user to take a picture in an area where too many other photos have been taken. Finally, Apple has launched the long-rumored iPad Pro.  Watch the podcast for more details!

The 6th Annual Black Hills Photo Shootout is now history and was another great weekend in Rapid City. Our keynote speaker this year was Jennifer Wu who also agreed to an interview on this podcast - check out Jennifer's website at www.jenniferwu.com.  Jennifer shares some quick tips to find and photograph the milky way and star photography in general. In addition we talk to workshop leader Dick Kettlewell who has a new book coming out in mid-October.  It was great seeing old friends and making new friends!  We appreciate all the new "likes" on our Facebook page (go ahead and "like" us - it only takes a moment!!).  If you missed this year, we will be back next year and there is also the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout in April in the Tampa Bay area.
Up next - Jim will share his adventures in the Highlands of Scotland including the Isle of Skye.  You won't want to miss it!
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Corel has released a new brush plugin for PhotoShop called ParticleShop. It uses Corel's Painter Particle brush technology to create photo-realistic effects like smoke, dust, fabric, fire, hair, lighting and fur. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have come up with a theory for a new way to solve the issue of bright skies burning out in a landscape photograph. Tune into the  current podcast for more details!

The Fotobug guys have been wanting to do a podcast featuring their favorite Android and IOS apps for photographers Here is a short list of a few of their favorites.  Here's the list:
Perfectly Clear IOS & Android $2.99
Photographer's Ephemeris IOS & Android $8.99
Moon Phase Pro Android only $ .99
Triggertrap Mobile IOS & Android FREE - Dongle Camera Cable - $37.00
1 Weather Android Only FREE
Lightning Finder IOS & Android $5.99 annual subscription
Adobe Mix IOS & Android FREE - Adobe ID required
Adobe Photoshop Express IOS & Android FREE - Adobe CC membership recommended
Lightroom Mobile IOS & Android FREE - Adobe CC membership recommended
VSCO Cam IOS & Android FREE
GoPro App IOS & Android FREE - requires GoPro Hero 3 or 4 w/wifi
Lenstag IOS & Android FREE
We are sure that you have many suggestions, so please send them to us via our Facebook page, or email them to jim@thefotobug.com or fred@thefotobug.com.  We plan to do a follow up show in the near future and would like to share your favorite apps!
Next up - our interview with Jennifer Wu!
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Catching up on the latest photography news, SNAPP guides are coming which will connect photographers to the best locations for photos. From our friend, Luka Esenko and we will soon be following up with him when it is released for IOS and AndroidCanadian viewers, listen up! Lens Rentals Canada is closing permanently, according to a statement issued by owner Craig Blairy. He cites logistical issues and personal reasons, saying numerous problems with the business 'didn't make it a fun endeavor'.  The LxMeter from Italian manufacturer Optivelox has introduced an accessory that turns your smartphone into a light meter. Olympus has patented a technology that records polarization information directly on the sensor itself. DJI has announced a new camera UAV called the Phantom 3 Standard for $799.  Tune into the podcast for more details!

Fred and Jim take the Rogue Flashbenders out for a quick spin.  These are very flexible and lightweight lighting controls for camera speed lights.  While The Fotobugs aren't showing off aesthetic lighting techniques, but are rather showing off the flexibility and design advantages of these fine products. For those interested, Hunts has a 10% discount on all Rogue products until the end of the year!

Call Hunt's Photo and Video - ask for Andrea at 781-662-8822 for these and other Fotobug Specials!

This also may be your last chance to register for the Black Hills Photo Shootout with our keynote speaker, Jennifer Wu.  Go to www.thephotoshootout.com to sign up right now!  Jennifer will be our guest on the October podcast!
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Welcome to The Fotobug podcast number 137!  In the news this week. another person in Kentucky shot down a UAV hovering over his backyard and was arrested with criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. Trey Ratcliff's photo walk in Atlanta was interrupted by the Atlanta police and the group was asked to stop taking pictures and to disperse.  This happened in Centennial Olympic Park and they were told photography wasn't allowed in the public park! Canon has introduced a new ultra-high-sensitivity camera that features an ISO of over 4,000,000 (million)! Canon has also taken the main DSLR awards for the best products of the year as voted by the prestigious European Imaging and Sound Association. The EOS 7D Mark ll won 'European Prosumer DSLR Camera' while the EOS 5DS/5DS R won the award for 'European Professional DSLR Camera'

Fred and Jim have received several Rogue Lighting products which we will be using and reporting on for the next few weeks.  The first item we will be testing is the ExpoDisc 2.0.  Jim has used the ExpoDisc in the past and it a recommended filter to quickly set up a correct white balance for most any lighting situation.  Simply point the camera at the primary light source with the ExpoDisc, take an image and then use that images to set a custom white balance.  Jim wondered if the ExpoDisc could possibly be used to eliminate or reduce the color shift that sometimes occurs with variable ND filters and perform a test during the current podcast.
Call Hunt's Photo and Video - ask for Andrea at 781-662-8822 for these and other Fotobug Specials!
Coming up, the registration is now available for the Black Hills Photo Shootout in Rapid City for the end of September. The featured keynote speaker this year is Jennifer Wu.  Go to www.thephotoshootout.com to register.
Remember, all Rogue products are discounted 10% at Hunts Photo until the end of the year!
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The news this week starts out on a down beat for owners of Adobe's Creative Suite 6, as the company announces its upcoming Camera Raw 9.1.1 update will be the final version available for the software. In more up beat news, Trey Ratcliff and Peak Design are now working together on a Kickstarter project for a new camera slash travel bag called the Everyday Messenger. If you post on FLickr, you might be interested to know that Flickr has re-introduced its Pro level membership after an account structure re-organization removed the option for most site users, but new subscribers are subject to the same 1TB cap applied to free accounts. Google launched the stand-alone Photos app with unlimited storage in May. Now it has announced it will be phasing out its predecessor, Google+ Photos.  More details on the current news in the podcast!

Our guest photographer is Tampa Based Photographer, Chip Weiner.  Fred and Jim catch up with Chip in the headquarters for Creative Loafing Magazine.  Chip shares images with us of the 2012 Republican convention as well as editorial and news photographs from Tampa Bay.  Chip also leads photography workshops in the area and we urge you to check out his website at www.chipshotz.com. We believe you will find the interview with Chip to be entertaining and informative.  Chip was also one of the workshop leaders for the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout from this past April.
The Hunts Photo Specials for August:
 Bowens Mosaic Solo On-Camera LED Light (Regularly $149, ON SALE $89.99 limited supply) 
 The compact and lightweight Mosaic Solo, with 72 high-powered, long-life, daylight balanced LEDs is the perfect light for interviews.  The size and weight of this versatile light makes it great for use on HD-DSLR and video cameras alike and its wide format design creates a broader spread of light that provides the wider cover required for typical 16:9 framing the diffuser and filter set included with this kit. 
Promaster LED120 Camera/Camcorder Light (Regularly $99.99, ON SALE $49.99) 
 PROMASTER LED Camera/Camcorder lights help you get well-lit photos and video with more natural color. The continuous light source eliminates the red-eye effect caused by your camera's flash and helps you get sharper pictures by providing a good source of illumination for your camera's autofocus system. 
Induro CT304 Grand Induro Series EP Carbon 8X Tripod (Legs) 
 (Regularly $529, ON SALE $299.99 limited supply) The Grand Induro Series EP Carbon 8X Tripods are for those seeking the highest level of stability in a modular and versatile solution for the professional photographer. Induro’s newly designed spider is what makes this entire system possible.
Induro BHM2 Ballhead (Regularly $205, ON SALE $119.99 limited supply) 
 The Induro BHM2 Ballheads feature double action separate positioning and pan controls, a Universal Arca-Swiss style Quick Release mounting plate system.
 Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Trigger Set for Nikon or Canon (Regularly $ 105.99, ON SALE $94.99) 
 Making a classic trigger better! The Phottix Strato II Multi 5-in-1 Wireless Trigger System gives photographers incredible control over their flashes and studio lights. 
To take advantage of these specials, contact Andrea Cutts acutts@wbhunt.com  at 781-662-8822 and mention The Fotobug specials!
Also all Rogue products (which we will be reviewing in upcoming episodes) are on sale for 10% off until the end of the year!
Registration for The Black Hills Photo Shootout is now live - come sign up now and join us in South Dakota in the Black Hills!  www.thephotoshootout.com
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