Before we get to today's review, in the news News Corp Photographer Brett Costello had his bag of photo gear stolen in Ipanema while photographing the Rio Olympics. In a twist, the thief later showed up at an Olympics venue wearing Brett's photo vest and was promptly arrested!  On1 is soliciting feedback and suggestions for their new Raw convertor.  F-Stop gear announced that their Kickstarter project bag is not practical to bring to market but others are screaming "scam"! NASA is testing a video camera that can record HDR video!  Seagate announced a 60TB SSD drive, Eye-Fi announced they will continue to support older cards on the Mac platform and the Brooks Institute announced it is closing down.

Breakthrough Photography ( designed new ND and Polarizer filers and claim they are color neutral.  So, the Fotobug guys decided to put them to the test  Our methodology includes photographing a gray card without a filter with the camera set to a fixed white balance. We then took the same image with the X4 ND 6 stop filter, then the polarizer.  But they didn't stop there!  They also included a Cokin style 3 stop ND filter and a variable ND filter.
Next, the images were brought into Photoshop and took color samples of the gray card to compare to the image photographed without a filter.  For the full results, watch the podcast!
Coming up at the end of September is the Black Hills Photo  Registration is now open so we hope to see you in South Dakota!  For those who can't make it, but would like to participate, The Fotobug guys are going to do at least 1 live Facebook video broadcast from the event!  Follow us on The Fotobug Facebook page or the Black Hills Photo Shootout Facebook page for the exact time and date of the broadcast.  This will give you a chance to participate, ask questions and be a part of The Photo Shootout!
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The latest podcast features an interview with Kathryn Dow!

In the news, a Tokyo company has successfully crowdfunded a glasses-mounted camera that takes a picture when the wearer winks or blinks.  Verizon will acquire Yahoo and web properties for $4.83 billion.  EyeEm is making it easier for users of Flickr to move their images to its service if you are concerned about the future of FlickrAdobe has released Lightroom for Apple TVGetty images has been sued for $1 billion by a photographer who claims Getty has been profiting off images she submitted to the Library of Congress.  She had received a letter from Getty accusing her of infringing copyright of her own images!  Watch the podcast for more!


Kathryn Dow is a nature photographer who specializes in birds.  She is originally from New England and moved to Florida several years ago.  She formerly worked for Hunts Photo.  Jim and Fred caught up with Kathryn at Fort DeSoto Park in St. Petersburg Florida.  Kathryn shares information about some of her favorite photos and offers photographic tips.  Kathryn recently conducted workshops at the Spacecoast Birding and Wildlife Festival in Titusville and also the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout.  We know you will not want to miss this interview and we know we will be seeing a lot more of Kathryn's work!

Registration is now open for the Black Hills Photo Shootout taking place Sept. 30 - Oct 2 in Spearfish South Dakota.  Go to to sign up!  Don't delay, as workshops tend to fill up fast!

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Jim and Fred share tips for using the video side of your DSLR camera!

In recent news, a clever photographers attached a strobe to a drone and used it to illuminate kayakers in near darkness dropping down a 60 foot waterfall.  Parachut is a new subscription based service that allows you ro lease camera equipment for as long as you want.  The service runs 4149 a month.  Hasselblad and DJI have teamed up to create a long-range drone that will be fitted with a 50MP CMOS sensor.  Software distributor Globell has announced a new screen calibration device which is now a Kickstarter campaign.  Another crowd funded project on Indegogo is Cheeringtech, to create a lighter and smaller remote trigger for DSLRs.


If you are ignoring the video capabilities of your DSLR camera, then you are only using 1/2 of your camera!  You paid for the ability to shoot video, so why not use it!  Jim and Fred share some quick tips to help you capture great looking video that you will be proud to share on your favorite social media site.  Sometimes a video capture is better than a still capture! Don't be afraid to use your camera's video mode and be sure to watch this episode to get the best video out of your camera.

A special deal for our listeners and friends!  M&M Photo Tours have a couple open spots for a capitol tour of Europe.  Book the tour and M&M will knock $1000 of the tour price!  Go to for more information.  The tour price is all-inclusive and even includes airfare from LA.

Coming up - The Black Hills Photo Shootout in South Dakota.  See for information and registration will be opening soon!

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Jim and Fred take a look and test out the new Phantom 4 from DJI.

In recent news, you may have noticed when you upgrade Photoshop to the latest 2015.5 version, all the plugins vanish!  Jim and Fred give a couple tips to restore your plugins. Soldiers in  Rosenthal's iconic 'Rasing the Flag on Iwo Jima'  photo have finally been identified. A review panel considering 'all available images, film, statements and previous investigations' found the man to be Private First Class Harold Schultz. New  York fashion street photographer Bill Cunningham has passed away.  Jim recommends the documentary Bill Cunningham New York. Apple has been awarded a patent for a system that allows for the camera on an iPhone to be disabled remotely via an infrared signal. The technology could be implemented in concert venues, classified areas or any other location where photography is not allowed. Eye-Fi will soon end support for its X2 and older wireless memory cards

Fred and Jim first presented a home-built tricopter about 5 years ago to be used for aerial photography.  Since then, the UAV (drone) market has exploded and the little machines are becoming more and more sophisticated.  In the current episode, Jim and Fred present a first look of the new DJI Phantom 4 which features collision avoidance, a 4K camera capable of taking 12 MP RAW images, redundant GPS and IMU systems, and a new improved gimbal.  Although not cheap, the new quadcopter offers a lot for the money.  The Fotobug urges all users of UAVs (drones) to be mindful of the FAA rules and regulations and to fly safely. The Fotobug guys will be offering more information and tips on the Phantom 4 in future podcasts, but present here a first look at this new offering from DJI!

Be sure to keep listening and plan to attend the Black Hills Photo Shootout in September in South Dakota! 

Until next time, keep chasing those elusive images!

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Summer is here along with the heat and long sunny days.  Lots going on in the world on Photography!  In recent news, Fred and Jim discuss the fact Indian officials have rejected Google's plan to image its towns and cities due to security concerns.  A 23 year old man left the boardwalk at Yellowstone National Park and fell through the crust into a hot acidic pool (Darwin award?). KitSplit is a new peer to peer network for renting and leasing camera gear.  A disgruntled Nikon D500 owner is suing Nikon and claims the camera's Wifi isn't what was advertised.  Two unusual lenses are up for sale: a Birns and Sawyer Omitar 1000mm f/4.5 lens commissioned by NASA and a Nikon 1200mm F11 lens on eBay. Finally, a studio in India founded in 1840 is closing after 176 years in operation.

Technique using 15 frames to simulate long exposure in Photoshop

In the current podcast, Jim and Fred discuss three ways to capture incredible images using long exposures, even during daylight hours.  The most common and traditional way is to use ND or variable ND filters.  Some recent cameras have a multiple exposure mode (especially Canon) and by using the Average setting, several images can be averaged together to produce a long exposure effect without ND filters.  Finally, the same process can be applied with any camera in Photoshop by bringing in all the images into layers, then select and convert the image to a smart object and finally, using the Layers menu, apply the Mean mode to the layers.  More details in the podcast! 

Jim also demonstrates the new content fill operation in the latest version of Photoshop when rotating the image to straighten the horizon.  Previously this had to be done manually or the image had to be cropped to omit the portions outside of the image.

Coming up - a look at the new DJI Phamtom 4 and more interesting guest appearances!  Start planning for the Black Hills Photo Shootout taking place the last weekend in in September -!

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Welcome to The Fotobug podcast 158!  In recent photography news, a new case called Vitrima is in the works, which would enable GoPro action cameras to record 3D video. A Chinese company wants to turn your Android phone into a 3D camera with a USB-C dongle designed to work with a mobile device's front or rear-facing camera. Canon USA has announced seven new photography courses that will form the beginning of a new program called Canon Online Learning. A team at Harvard University has designed a 'metalens', around 100,000 times thinner than an equivalent glass lens.  Watch the podcast for more information!


Jim just returned from his 4th trip to Iceland with a terrific group of photographers. Featured on this podcast is a highlight reel of the trip featuring some of the images captured.  This year, we completely circled the entire country and only failed to get to the north east since the roads were closed to normal traffic due to heavy snowfall.  Iceland is a wonderfully diverse and photogenic country and should be on your bucket list of places to visit!  In addition to the fantastic landscapes, our driver/guide, Magnus Johannesson, recently completed a documentary called The Man Who Shrunk his Ecological Footprint.  The documentary follows his brother, Siggi, who analyzes his current ecological footprint and then makes an effort to reduce it. We feature a teaser reel on the current podcast, more information can be found at

The current documentary is in Icelandic, but an English language version will be made available and we will update our listeners when the final documentary is available.

Keep the end of September open for the Black Hills Photo Shootout which will take place back in Spearfish, South Dakota -

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Welcome to The Fotobug podcast #157!  In recent news, Colin Smith from PhotoshopCafe was recently kicked off a Southwest flight by trying to follow the rules concerning a Li-ion battery in his DJI Phantom.  More details in the podcast!  Brian May, guitarist for Queen, has come out with a device that turns your smart phone into a stereo viewer - cost about $37.  We are also sad to report that Michael Reichmann, founder of the Luminous-Landscape has passed away at the age of 71.  Michael is well known for the phrase "expose to the right" indicating the histogram should have luminous values on the upper half of the graph. Hard disk  giant Western Digital has acquired flash memory manufacturer SanDisk in a deal worth $18 billion.  Finally, Adobe's content-aware fill will soon be available using the crop tool!


Our featured guest this episode is Dr. Joel MurphyDr. Murphy is an avid underwater photographer and shares a few of his awesome underwater images and discusses the techniques and challenges in capturing these images.  He also shares some of the specialized equipment such as camera cases and strobes, in addition to the underwater equipment and training that is required to photograph underwater.  Dr. Murphy also discusses tips for those who may wish to pursue underwater photography as well.  We will be having Joel back to show off some of his amazing underwater macro work, so please leave your comments and questions that we will happily pass on to him!

Keep the end of September open for the Black Hills Photo Shootout in western South Dakota!  Next time, highlights of Iceland!

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Today's podcast features another workshop leader from the Tampa Bay Photo Shootout, Tim Gilbreath!

In recent news, ON1 had announced a combination non-destructive photo editor and RAW processor: ON1 Photo RAW. We will be featuring a guest that works with ON1 on an upcoming podcast!  Canon says that despite a drop in net income, interchangeable lens camera sales are steady.  Sony has patented a contact lens that comes with an integrated camera module - Google is also working on such a device. Sony also announced its imaging division finished the 2015 financial year strong.  Time Magazine name the Kodak Brownie and the Polaroid Camera as two of the most influential gadgets in history.  Steve McCurry has recently come under fire for posting badly manipulated images.  Beamr, has introduced an extension for Adobe Photoshop called JPEGmini which applies a more efficient algorithm to compress JPEG images.

Tim Gilbreath was one of the workshop leaders at the 2016 Tampa Bay Photo Shootout.  Jim and Fred sit down with Tim to discuss some of his favorite recent images and discuss tips for photographers.  Tim lives on the west coast of Florida and his work features many images of the immediate area including his love for sunsets and atmospheric haze. Tim also gives advice on how he captured his wonderful images and you should come away with some good techniques to try for your own images.

Coming up, a discussion and underwater images from Dr. Joel Murphy and images from Iceland.  Stay tuned!

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Podcast 155 features a special treat, the Fotobug guys discuss ways to improve image capture using your mobile phone!

Jim and Fred also discuss recent photography news.  Pelican cases have introduced a new Air series of cases that offer protection with less weight.  Did a consumer drone really crash into a jet landing at Heathrow airport?  A new Kickstarter campaign is designing a DSLR style grip to work with iPhonesLytro has debuted it Cinema Prototype at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas.  The Sony plant that makes sensors in Japan has been temporarily shut down due to the recent earthquake.  Another former Kickstarter project has created a pocket sized slider for DSLR cameras and will be sold at a reduced price until July.


The Fotobug guys present a how-to on optimizing captures with your mobile phone or tablet.  Due to the small sensors, fixed lenses, and fixed apertures on mobile phone cameras, there are special techniques that will permit the photographer to capture the best images possible.  Chances are a photographer won't always have a DSLR or mirrorless camera but will likely be carrying a mobile phone with a built-in camera. Jim recommends using the mobile camera as a "photographer's sketchpad" but images captured with these cameras with a little care can be quite good!

Please share your mobile phone photography tips and photographs with us here on on our Facebook page!

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The big news this week was the Second Annual Tampa Bay Photo Shootout!  In addition, Canon has applied for a viewfinder design patent that combines both optical and electronic displays in a DSLR style system.  Lytro has announced in a blog post that the company is getting out of the consumer imaging business to focus instead on developing a light field virtual reality platform.  The Impossible Project has unveiled the I-1 Instant camera which uses the Impossible Project 600-type instant film. Researchers at Columbia University are working on a flexible sheet camera with stretchable lenses.  Just prior to the upcoming NAB show, Adobe has announced new features for video and audio editing including Premiere Pro CC including the ability to edit files during ingest, proxy workflows, and VR editing capabilities.


The second annual Tampa Bay Photo Shootout just wrapped up and what a weekend!  Jim and Fred feature highlights of the Shootout including interviews with Vanelli and Mathew Cicanese.  More interviews will be posted in upcoming episodes!  Many thanks to Jason and Nicole Hahn as well as Tamron, Pinellas Technical College, St. Petersburg College and all the great workshop leaders and volunteers for making this happen. Also, thank you to all those who attended to get inspired this weekend!  Coming up in September is the Black Hills Photo Shootout.  Save the dates, September 30, October 1 and 2nd!

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