Jim traveled to Outdoor Photo Gear to conduct a workshop on Light Painting techniques.  While there, he got a chance to tour the new OPG facility as well as interview "Troy the Turkey" and our friend Chris Klapheke.  The interview with Troy (featured on many OPG videos) was conducted at the new retail space for Outdoor Photo Gear and the interview with Chris took place at Chris' home.

  In the news, Lightworks Pro now accepts video clips from more camera models, including DSLRs; Microsoft has released more updates for 22 camera RAW files, and Adobe has now released the first of it's new Creative Cloud software.  Also, check out the website www.shothotspot.com which lists locations and photographs taken from those locations.  Great idea for planning your photo ventures!  All this and Jim flies a helicopter!

 Coming up, out next guest is Roman Kurywczak from New Jersey who will be talking about his new eBook on night photography.  Also scheduled in the next few weeks are Matt Kloskowski, from NAPP, Art Wolfe and Susan Candelario.  So keep listening!  Please take a moment to rate us on your podcast service such as iTunes!

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Jeff Donald returns and sits down with Jim and Fred at a local Irish pub in Tampa to discuss the latest on his new radio show, Picture This and the Florida Center for Creative Photography. Jeff runs one of the most active meetup groups in the country and is well known in the Tampa Bay area for his photo walks and photography training sessions. The Florida Center for Creative Photography website is http://www.meetup.com/fccp-photo/ and the radio show, Picture This, can be listened to online at internetradiopros.com/picturethis and is also available on YouTube.

In recent news, Adobe has released RAW convertor 8.1 and Lightroom 5.0 (upgrade is $79), Olympus may be leaving the small compact camera market, Bell Labs researchers have created a lenseless 1 pixel sensor, and our friends at the Triggertrap have hired a dedicated Android programmer.

Our friend Mike Pendergast, who has appeared twice on The Fotobug, and is also known as "Sparky" due to his interest in lightning photography, was recently hospitalized for a serious infection. Mike was recently laid off from his job and currently has no insurance, so a number of photographers have created a Zenfolio account to sell images to help Mike out. Please go out and check the GALLERY and see if there is anything you like - proceeds are going to help pay Mike's medical bills.

Be sure to check the new videos and posts at our new website, www.thefotobug.net and we recommend you register to receive updates as we post them! Jim will be returning from his Light Painting Workshop in Louisville, Kentucky and there are more interesting guests coming up. So you don't miss a thing, we recommend you subscribe to the podcast via iTunes and be sure to leave us a rating on iTunes!

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Welcome to podcast number 79!  Jim and Fred interview Matt Poole, the Visitor's Service Manager for the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island off the coast of Massachusetts.  Matt talks about their nature programs, photography safaris and the annual photo contest they run.  For more information, please check their website at www.fws.gov/northeast/parkerriver/.  The Parker River Reserve is one of the most visited reserves in the northeast of the United States. Be sure to add it to your "must do" list!

In the news, the Yahoo CEO gets into a bit of trouble with an unfortunate statement she made, Canon releases a 200-400mm lens with a built-in 1.4x extender and even more!

Hunts has offered specials just for our listeners for the next two weeks only:  get any Lens Coat product for 10% off and pick up a Better Beamer flash extender for only $34.00!  To take advantage of these specials - call Keith Patankar at 781-462-2340 before June 14, 2013!

Many exiting subjects planned for this summer - be sure to stay tuned!

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In The Fotobug podcast number 78, we travel to New England and feature Don Toothaker as our co-host.  Don is a Massachusetts based photographer who works part time at Hunts Photo and guides workshops in the New England area. Don's website is http://www.nephotoworkshops.com/ and we recommend you check it out, especially if you are planning a trip to the New England area including Acadia National Park or Baxter State Park.  We expect Don to be another regular on our podcasts and we believe you will enjoy his insights and personality.

In the news, Don, Jim and Fred discuss the new Adobe sales plan which involves paying a monthly subscription fee for their software.  How does this impact photographers? Is this a good or bad deal?  We would love your feedback on our Facebook page - let us know what you think.

Also, Piccure (www.piccure.com) has released a plugin for Photoshop (and stand-alone) which helps reduce camera shake in photographs.  Adobe is going to release their own camera shake software filter soon, but Piccure has beat them to the draw.  You can download a 14 day trial version to try it out for free.

Finally, Jim will be conducting a workshop on light painting techniques at Outdoor Photo Gear in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday, June 15.  For more more information go to www.outdoorphotogear.com .  Also, please check out the new posts at our website at www.thefotobug.net.

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Welcome to The Fotobug podcast number 77.  Fred and Jim visit professional photographer Jim Swallow in his studio in St. Petersburg.  Jim is not only a well-known portrait and wedding photorapher in the area, he is also the founder of the St. Petersburg Photographic Arts Society.  Jim discusses the difficulty in becoming and remaining a professional portrait and or wedding photographer in the new digital world.  He concludes that this type of professional photography is no longer a viable career choice.  We have posted an extended version of this conversation on our new website at www.thefotobug.net in which Jim gives one notable exception.

If you would like to lend your voice to this conversation, please go to our The Fotobug Facebook page, or send us an email (Fred@thefotobug.com and jim@thefotobug.com).

In June, Jim will be conducting a workshop in Louisville, Ky on lightpainting.  Check with www.outdoorphotogear.com for information to attend this workshop on Saturday, June 15.

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Welcome to podcast #76 of The Fotobug.  Chris Klapheke returns to co-host with Jim and Fred.  Chris just moved Outdoor Photo Gear (www.outdoorphotogear.com) into a new bulding complete with classroom space and shows off the new facilities to our viewers.  In addition, Chris talks about some of the new products including camera bags, a new Canon flash unit, new Hoodman mounts and the Three-Legged Thing Tripods.

In the news, Fred, Chris and Jim discuss the new $995 2.5k video camera from BlackMagic which features a micro four-thirds lens mount and RGBDng Raw format 2.5k video capture with a super 16mm sized sensor.  Also, the Metabones micro four-thirds lens adapter to allow the use of Canon lenses has been delayed until after July.

Please go and check our our new webpage at The Fotobug.net - we feature the video that Chris mentions captured with the new Google hyperlapse program.  There are a lot of interesting videos there and we encourage you to subscribe so you don't miss any videos or blog posts.

Finally, Chris sent Fred and Jim his new beanbags to try out and The Fotobug will soon post a review on these new beanbags!

On the next podcast we are going to feature a discussion with photographer Jim Swallow on the shrinking role of the professional photographer.  Is professional photography still a viable career option?

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Welcome to podcast #75 featuring our guest, photographer David C. Schultz from Utah.  David not only leads photography workshops in Utah, he also conducts photo tours in the Arctic and Antarctica.  David shares some of his wonderful images and stories of his travels with us. You can see more of David's work and images at his website www.westlight.net.  Please so check it out!

In recent photo news, Google recently purchased Nik software and just announced previous owners of Nik plugins can now download the entire suite and if not, you can purchase the suite for only $149.95.   A photographer lost her camera of the coast of Hawaii six years ago and the camera and underwater case was recently recovered off the coast of Taiwan! Adobe has just released Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4.  Tune in to the podcast for even more news!

Finally, we just announced our new website at www.thefotobug.net .  This is a new and great resource for photography related videos and training as well as blog posts from the Fotobug guys.  We recommend you subscribe to make sure you receive all the latest news and training as well as discounts and specials.  It's FREE!   We will also feature more videos and information than is practical to feature on our podcast - this is a great supplement to The Fotobug podcast, so we hope you will take advantage of it!

Finally, please don't forget to take time to rate us on iTunes, we really need those ratings!!

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Jim has now returned from Iceland and presents a video of the workshop he helped organize along with Tim Vollmer. Ten photographers met Tim and Jim to see and photograph this interesting land. Hopefully after seeing the video, you will want to visit Iceland for yourself!

In the news, an octopus steals a photographer's camera. To see the video, visit our new website (still under construction!) at www.thefotobug.net. There are additional videos there and we have plans for a lot more, so you may wish to bookmark that page! Also dealing with the sea, can a saltwater encrusted lens be repaired by boiling it?  Well, Nikon recently did that!  Details on the current podcast!

Next time we have an interview with Artic/Antarctic photographer, David C. Schultz who is a Utah based photographer who arranges photo tours to those locations.

Please take time to rate us on iTunes and you may contact Fred at fred@thefotobug.com and Jim at jim@thefotobug.com. We would love to hear from you and answer your questions on our next podcast!

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While Jim was in Iceland, Fred headed down to Naples, FL to catch up with Adam Jones and Mike Mathews at the exotic Frog workshop. Adam Jones is a Canon Explorer of Light and he and Mike Mathews have been running this workshop for several years in Missouri and this is the first time the workshop has been held in Florida. Keep an eye on Adam's website at http://www.adamjonesphoto.com. Adam also leads a number of other workshops, so please check out his website. The workshop consists of helping people with their macro skills as well as capturing frogs, lizards, snakes, geckos, scorpions, tarantulas and many other creatures that you would have to travel to several countries to capture.

In the news, Ilford will soon be releasing a pinhole camera complete with film and negative stock, Wacom is planning to release a new tablet and more.

Please rate us on iTunes and check out our Facebook page.

Jim will return next time with details about his Iceland Northern Lights and Farewell to the Glaciers workshop.

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Welcome to pocast number 72!  Although we originally planned to do a Skype interview with Mike Mathews, we decided to make a change since Fred is going to go down to Naples to attend the first day of Adam Jones' and Mike Mathews' poison dart frog workshop.  We will feature that interview along with the incredible images Fred will bring back with him on the next podcast.  For this podcast, Charles MacPherson was in town to do a birding workshop, so Jim caught up with him and did a live interview in the field.  Charles was interviewed a few episodes back regarding his polar bear workshop.  Charles also does a fall foliage workshop and light house tour.  Charles' website is www.theamazingimage.com - we recommend you check it out and subscribe to his newsletter!

Jim is leaving for Iceland the day this podcast first goes live and will also have some news and images of that trip on the next podcast!

In the news, award-winning photographer Steve McCurry has published the photos taken with the last roll of Kodakchrome, Dell has announced a new line of monitors that cover 99% of the AdobeRGB color gamut, and a German artist is looking to take a portrait camera on tour that takes full life size film!

Jim and Fred now have Fotobug email addresses - Jim@thefotobug,com and Fred@thefotobug.com - drop us an email!

Finally, be sure to go out to our The Fotobug Facebook page and check out the latest specials from Hunts Photo (www.huntsphotoandvideo.com) exclusively for listeners of our podcast!

Thanks for listening and be sure to tune in next time!

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