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Fotobug - Episode 251- GoPro Hero 7 & 8 Nightlapse

January 4th, 2020

Welcome to 2020!  

To begin the new year, 500px combines service and contributor agreement, and confuses and concerns some users - no need to worry!  Apple's lates MFi program will enable manufacturers to make their own strobe and lighting accessories for the iPhone 11.  New DJI patents suggest the company may be expanding into land-based drones.  The FAA has finally announced their Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) for the remote identification of drones.  Even more news and details in the podcast!


Jim and Fred check out the time lapse capabilities of the GoPro Hero 7 and 8.  In addition, Jim found an issue with the Hero 7 that may go all the way back to the Hero 4 which will cause the camera to freeze up when using particular nightlapse settings.  This issue appears to be corrected in the Hero 8.  If you have experienced the freeze issue with your Hero camera, please let us know and share the settings you were using! 

More good photo related material planned, so keep watching and please check out and subscribe to The Fotobug YouTube channel!

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Fotobug - Episode 205 - Nine Month Wildflower Timelapse with Jim Burnham

April 1st, 2018

Be sure to watch the podcast for full details on recent photography news!  Highlights include Adobe posts revenue over $2 billion dollars for the first quarter of 2018. Samsung is increasing production of its ISOCELL image sensors to compete with Sony.  We are sad to announce that Chuck Westfall from Canon has passed away.  A Russian drone pilot took his little consumer drone to 33,000 feet.  GoPro is licensing its sensors to Jabil Circuit for third party products.  A well-known insect photographer filed a $2.7 million law suit against a pest control company who used his images without permission.  GoPro has also announced a new Hero camera for a retail price of $200.  Watch the podcast for more information and even more news!


Last May we had Jim Burnham on the podcast and he announced a timelapse project he was starting to do a nine month timelapse of a wildflower garden.  Jim has finished his timelapse and we invited him back to The Fotobug to talk about the issues he faced to produce this video. He also discusses the equipment he used and problems he had to overcome.  We encourge you to check out the full YouTube timelapse video HERE  Jim used over 148,000 individual photos to complete this video.  We also recommend checking out Jim's blog at 

Finally - our friend Rob Daugherty has some openings for his June Alaska Brown Bear workshop  - go to for more information!

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Fotobug - Episode 132 - Alpine Labs Radian 2

June 14th, 2015

Thanks for tuning into the next Fotobug podcast!  In recent photo news, GoPro shows off a rig that controls 16 cameras to record mufti-angle footage for virtual reality uses, Google has announce a standalone service the separates the photo component of its Google Plus app and now available with unlimited free storage for 16MP and smaller images. GoPro has also introduced a new Hero+ camera with touchscreen and LCD for $299.  Another new app, Kolektio aims to simplify the process of images from a party or other event.  Five photographers have created the world's larges high resolution photograph by combining 70,000 digital images that were taken over a 35 hour period.  Swedish company TTRobotix has introduced a remote controlled submarine that uses a GoPro camera to record underwater images up to 26 ft deep.


Jim and Fred's guest this episode is Greg Horvath, from Alpine Labs.  Greg is part of the Alpine Labs team that is developing the next generation of the Radian Time Lapse device.  The Radian 2 is an updated version of the original Radian that allows the photographer to program the device from an android or IOS tablet or phone, and will then control a camera as well as tilt or rotate or even drive a slider!  The Radian 2 is the most recent Kickstarter project from Alpine and is expected to be released this fall, possibly in September.  The original Radian and Michron timelapse controllers are now available on the Alpine website at and are also available from leading photo retailers and Amazon.  We will be following up with Greg after the new system has been released which promises blue tooth connectivity and more!

The Hunts specials for June are as follows:

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Next time, Jim will be back from the Vanelli and Friends Photo Cruise with highlights and interviews with Vanelli, Vincent Versace and Mike Moats!  Mark July 5th on your calendar - or better yet - subscribe via iTunes!

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Fotobug - Episode 103 - Timelapse & Light Painting

May 4th, 2014

Welcome to podccast # 103.  In the news, Bliss - the default image in Windows XP is probably the most viewed image ever created and the original photographer has been reveled and the location just north of San Francisco.  A new 4x5 camera has been released for only $149.  OK, it is a film pinhole camera, but will take regular lenses and even a poloroid back - if you can get the film! It is official now, cats and attractive women increase the popularity of images.  Tune in to learn more!

In today's podcast, Jim recorded a 20 hour timelapse of a monarch caterpillar as it forms it chrysalis.  Jim is also making his ebook on timelapse shooting available for free at  Jim also created a video tutorial on layer stacking in Photoshop for light painting images and we present that tutorial in this podcast.  You are free to share your light painting images with us and if you have questions, please email them to


There are some great workshops coming up.  Jim and Charles MacPherson for a complete nature photography weekend in Benezet Pennsylvania and details can be found at  Also, in late June, the Critter Closeup workshop in St. Petersburg, FL, in September is The Black Hills Shootout and in October, the Maine Moose workshop in Maine and Slovenia - fall colors in the Julian Alps.  Details on these workshops can be found at

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