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Fotobug - Episode 234 - Raw vs JPG

May 12th, 2019

More photo education in today's podcast, but first recent photo news!

A drone pilot managed to capture some amazing videos of a tornado in Oklahoma that even impressed meteorologists!  DJI has partnered with RMUS to provide drone training in the US. If you are a Mac user and still use Aperture, be aware that Aperture will no longer work after upgrading the OS to Mojave. B&H circumvents online sales tax collection with it's new PayBoo credit card.  Adobe may raise the monthly fee for the Creative Cloud Photo Bundle (Photoshop and Lightroom) to $20 and include 1TB of cloud storage. DJI is introducing an Osmo action camera to compete with GoPro!


If you are still shooting JPG, then please pay attention to today's photo lesson!  RAW gives you more control over your final image and has lots of advantages over JPG and you needn't be afraid of processing the images on your computer.  There are even many free software solutions out there, so cost is not an excuse to using RAW capture.  There are more photo lessons on The Fotobug YouTube channel and we would appreciate if you would subscribe to our channel!  More goodness to come!  Please leave your thoughts or comments on RAW vs JPG capture!

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Fotobug - Episode 231 -How to use the Histogram

March 31st, 2019

Jim is currently traveling in New Zealand and Australia, and it has been awhile since The Fotobug presented a How-to - so for this podcast, Jim and Fred share a video from their new photography lesson series currently on The Fotobug YouTube Channel.  We hope you will check out the other videos and consider subscribing to The Fotobug Youtube channel!  


Tune in for the next podcast for more interviews, reviews and how-tos!!  Please subscribe to The Fotobug YouTube Channel!

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Fotobug - Episode 68

December 30th, 2012

Happy New Year and welcome to podcast number 68.  In addition to the regular news items, such as Instagram's policies, Clyde Butcher saving scrub jay habitat, and new cameras from Sony and Poloroid, we have some special how-tos that you can do at home inside on cold winter days. 

A physiogram is a pattern formed from a swinging flashlight that can form amazing patterns.  In this episode learn a quick and easy way that this can be done.  In addition, Jim shows how to easily photograph the incredible patterns formed by simple drops of water.  Please give it a try and share your images with us on our Facebook page,

We wish everyone a prosperous New Year, keep chasing those elusive images and please take a few moments to rate us on iTunes!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 53

June 4th, 2012

Welcome to podcast #53 featuring a discussion on time-lapse photography with programmer, author, and photographer Gunther Wegner.  Gunther discusses talks about his time-lapse videos (Canary Skies, Alpine Skies, and Baltic Skies - available on YouTube) and demonstrates the work flow on his program LRTimeLapse (available for Mac and PCs at  In addition, Gunther has written an ebook on time-lapse techniques also available at  Highly recommended!  Hopefully, Gunther will return to the podcast to discuss his film African Skies which he is currently working on.

In the news, photographer Andrew Kane has a bear encounter in Yellowstone National Park and the bear attacked his rented Nikon camera.  Although badly scratched the caemra still functioned, although the tripod did not fare so well.  Also, the ITA may lift the 5.4% EU tax on devices that are able to record video over 30 minutes, Adobe releases the final versions of Lightroom 4.1 and ACR 7.1, and Nikon has firmware upgrades for the D4 and the D800. Also, Aardman animation "filmed" Pirates! Band of Misfits using 50 Canon 1D MkIIIs.

Jim will be conducting a one day workshop on digital video in Bushnell Florida on Saturday, July 28 and you can register at  Also, the workshops and registration have been posted for The BlackHills Shootout for the end of September - links can also be found at   We hope to see you there!

Coming up, more techniques and information on producing time-lapse films including a "shootout" among several new time-lapse devices.  Also, Haje Jan Kamps will be returning to talk about the Triggertrap Mobile app.  Also coming up, a simple DIY camera slider for time-lapse or digital video!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 52

May 20th, 2012

Welcome to episode 52!  This week, Jim joins Tom Snyder from the Florida International Teaching Zoo at Homosassa Springs State Park to photograph and videotape manatees.  Jim also interviews park ranger, Ken Torres who talks about the park and the zoo located at the springs.  This is a wonderful place to visit and highly recommended for photographers traveling to Florida.

In the news, Olympus releases a new Tough series camera which is shockproof and waterproof.  Leica releases a monochrome rangefinder camera.  Adobe has announced a release candidate for RAW convertor 7.1.

Coming up soon, interview with Haje Jan Kamps who will be talking about his new Triggertrap Mobile, and Gunther Wegner who will be talking about his software LRTimeLapse.  We will also be starting a series on time-lapse photography and lots more!  We will also be releasing our free guide to DSLR video within the next week.

Upcoming workshops: The Black Hills shootout in South Dakota in September, Iceland for the northern lights and glaciers in February 2013, and Costa Rica in May 2013.  More information will be available at .

Don't forget to "like" us on Facebook and rate us on iTunes.  Please send us your questions and comments!

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 41

December 18th, 2011

Happy Holidays, everyone!

Jim and Fred have a special interview in Podcast #41, Haje Jan Kamps. Haje is the author of a number of photography books, a blogger on a popular photo site, The Photocritic, and is now the designer and inventor of a new photo accessory, The Triggertrap - The Triggertrap is an electronic device that will work with most cameras and allows the photographer to trigger the camera (or multiple cameras, flashes, etc.) based upon an event. The device has the built-in ability to be triggered on a laser, an audio event, a built-in intervalometer and even an accessory port to allow the photographer to trigger the camera on any outside event! The device will be on the market around February 2012 and a do-it-yourself circuit board version should be available around March.

Haje's blog can be found at

In the news, Adobe has released Lightroom 3.6 and RAW convertor 6.6, images from a Canon Camera lost at sea a year ago were recovered and found their way back to their owner, the Compact Flash Association has announced a new card format, CNN lays off 50 photojournalists, and Unified Color has released updated versions of HDR Expose and 32Float.

Finally - Jim wraps up the discussion on using the histogram and the Fotobug guys have a special holiday gift for our listeners - The Fotobug's Guide to the Histogram - free!  CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FREE EBOOK.

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Fotobug, Elusive Image - Episode 40

December 4th, 2011

Welcome to podcast number 40. In today's podcast, Jim discusses three places he visited in Florida over the Thanksgiving holiday, including Lake Kissimmee State Park, Tiger Creek Preserve, and Circle B Bar Reserve. In addition, Jim and Fred invite photographer Ed Rosack onto the show to discuss his enounter with a bobcat at Circle Bar B Reserve in November - see more at

Do you know how trails are marked in most state parks and preserves? After a conversation with a park ranger, Jim realized a lot of people may not, so we will discuss how to find your way through most park trails, quickly and easily!

In the news, the Walking Dead TV series on AMC uses Canon DSLRs for some scenes, Scott Kelby criticizes Adobe for their new upgrade policy, and why are hard drive prices suddenly going through the roof?

Want to know how to effectively use the histogram to ensure you have captured the maximum amount of detail with the minimum noise level in your digital captures? Jim and Fred share some secrets to using this powerful tool.

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