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Fotobug - Episode 68

Happy New Year and welcome to podcast number 68.  In addition to the regular news items, such as Instagram's policies, Clyde Butcher saving scrub jay habitat, and new cameras from Sony and Poloroid, we have some special how-tos that you can do at home inside on cold winter days. 

A physiogram is a pattern formed from a swinging flashlight that can form amazing patterns.  In this episode learn a quick and easy way that this can be done.  In addition, Jim shows how to easily photograph the incredible patterns formed by simple drops of water.  Please give it a try and share your images with us on our Facebook page,

We wish everyone a prosperous New Year, keep chasing those elusive images and please take a few moments to rate us on iTunes!

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Welcome to podcast #51!  In the news, Ikea releases a cardboard digital camera to the press, Nikon recalls some camera batteries, Olympus announces a new OM-D digital camera with a retro look.  Jim returned from a very soggy weekend in the Everglades, but was able to partially rescue the trip with a stop at Cape Coral to photograph burrowing owls. 

Jim also demonstrates a technique to clean the digital sensor on a DSLR using a Canon 5D. 

Keep in mind to use code MMPT2012 for a 10% discount on photo tours from M&M Photo Tours (  Also, Jim and Fred will be at the Black Hills Shootout in South Dakota in September.  Jim will be going to Peru to the Amazon to examine a location for future workshops and coming up: Iceland with Tim Vollmer in February 2013, Costa Rica in May and maybe the Amazon in July.  Keep an eye on for more information. 

Also, Jim will be conducting a course in DSLR video making in late July in Bushnell, Florida.  Keep watching for more information!

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Welcome to podcast #32!  Jim and Fred interview Dr. Henry DeGroot, who owns and operates Digital Image Flow, the #1 producer of gray cards for photographers.  Dr. DeGroot discusses white balance and explains how their products, such as the new DKC-Pro card can be used to help create color profiles, ensure proper exposure and set the correct white balance for your camera.  All for only $24.95!  Check out and be sure to let them know you heard about it on The Fotobug Podcast!

In the news items, Jim and Fred continue the discussion about Apple's Patent to limit iPhone camera use, Pentax has announced a special 40MP medium format limited edition of its 645D camera, and 41 year old Charles McQuillan photographs his own heart surgery and Photojojo makes a Nikon/Canon lens adapter for the iPhone!

Jim is currently on his photoworkshop in Outer Mongolia and will be sharing images and stories in the next podcast so be sure to subscribe!  Don't forget to leave us feedback!

We also want to thank listener Wayne P Staats for sending us the DIY tip used in this episode.

A special hello to our friends at the Film Photography Podcast - and its host Michael Rasso!  Be sure to check out this podcast, even if you aren't interested in film photography.

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Welcome to The Fotobug's 30th podcast!  The long hot summer is finally here, so why not grab a cold drink, find a cool spot and enjoy the podcast?

In the news, this episode, Jim and Fred discuss the black macaques in Indonesia that swipe a camera from nature photographer, David Slater and take some amazing family portraits!  In addition, Fujifilm is returning to interchangable lens cameras, Ricoh buys Pentax from Hoya, Kenko-Tokina buys Cokin Filters,  and more!

Also, photographer Mike Oblinski captures amazing time-lapse video of the haboob (sandstorm) in Phoenix Arizona, so we invite Arizona storm photographer, Mike Pendergast (originally interviewed back in Episode 9), back on the show to discuss high ISO settings as well as to show off some of his latest lightning images.

For the DIY (Do It Yourself) segment, Jim shows how to create an inexpensive 'L' bracket for a DSLR and mount it to an Arca-Swiss style plate to do better panorama style images.  Total cost, under $40 which includes the arca-swiss plate!  The 'L' bracket alone can be make for under $12.  Compare to commercial versions that cost up to $180!

 Jim and Fred also answer a couple viewer questions: how can a law-enforcement agency work with US currency in Photoshop, and how much should a photograher charge a state park for a photo in their promotional brochure?

Finally, inflight video footage from the Fotobug Skycam Tricopter is shown and upcoming photo workshops for 2012 are discussed.

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